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Relocating your office can be a difficult and stressful operation! If you are working to be proactive about your relocation, or are simply expanding beyond what your space can support, office relocations may be causing you stress. Fortunately, much of this stress is not needed.


Employee Help, or Outside Help?

There are pros and cons to having your employees do the majority of the packing. On the one side, your employees might be glad to have a day of moving around instead of their usual jobs, to break up the monotony. On the other hand, your employees may not be especially well suited to packing and moving boxes and other things. The risk of injury is also a factor, and a worker’s comp claim for a workplace injury accrued from moving the couch in the break room would be an embarrassing expense. Even worse, when your employees are moving the office furniture and equipment, they are not performing the jobs you already pay them to do, which costs you unnecessarily.

Hiring outside help to pack, load up and unload your goods can spare you most of these problems. Your liability is lessened considerably because your employees are not performing jobs they were not hired for. Also, there is virtually no risk of someone from your team being injured if the largest items any of them carries out for office relocation is a briefcase and their laptop bag. Further, professional movers tend to be more efficient with both time and the space inside the truck than amateur movers are. Unless you want to make it into a team-building activity, hiring out the work to a company like Winter Moving & Storage is a wise move.

Handling Item Transportation

Sometimes your new office location is not ready for you.This may occur if it needs painting or construction has not yet finished. If your lease is up or your building is sold, your options may be few. Fortunately, Winter Moving & Storage has a massive warehouse to store all the items you do not yet have the room for. By storing your items for a time and having them transported, you can save yourself liability, time and money versus trying to do everything in-house.

Outsourcing the Entire Operation

There is a time to outsource, and a time to do it all yourself. Often, office relocations can seem like the latter, but end up being the former. When your company is expanding, it is time to think bigger. Using Winter Moving & Storage lets you focus on the big picture.

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