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A Guide On How To Change To Your New Address | Moving Tips

Finally, you’ve brought in the last box of household items into your new home. Your internet is already up and running, and the utilities are churning away. But even so, many moving homeowners tend to forget to change their addresses. Before you can settle in, it’s essential to make sure that your letters, packages, and bills are coming to the correct new address. These new address tips will benefit you greatly.

In addition to all the moving basics like packing your supplies to renting a truck and hiring movers, you’ll need to update the right people about the move. It’s also best to do this earlier rather than later.

Here is a detailed list of moving tips and the best ways to change to your new address.

1. Update Your Mailing Address

Your first step is to change your address by updating it with the United States Postal Service. Although this isn’t a foolproof step, the post office catches the most outdated addresses and automatically forwards mail to the new address for six months.

2. Revise Your Billing Address

To make sure you receive your bills, make a list of each one, and contact the respective companies to update your address. Many companies also make your work easier by letting you update your information online.

3. Magazine and Catalog Subscriptions

You can also update your magazine subscriptions and catalogs online without a fuss. Visit the magazine or catalog’s website to make the update. You can also contact the magazine or catalog customer service about their customer change-of-address procedure or request the change over the phone.

4. Your Bank

It’s also essential that you confirm with your bank any changes made about your address. You can avoid future headaches by immediately updating your address with your bank. Otherwise, any bank statements and other billing information sent by your bank will be lost.

5. Tell Your Friends and Family

Let your friends and family members know that you’ve moved. You can save time by making a list of everyone you would like to notify you of the move. After preparing your list, you can send emails to them about your new address and maybe even include more personalized moving announcements.

6. Organizations and Clubs

If you’re a member of an organization or club, or perhaps you get monthly subscriptions in your mail, ensure that you contact these organizations as well. Luckily, you may also be able to change your address information online. For the smaller organizations, however, a call or simple written message about your new address should suffice.

7. New Driver’s License

Some states require that you also update your driver’s license and state identification card and include your new address. Most states allow up to 30 days after relocating to update your ID. Failure to do so may end up getting you into trouble. Most states allow you to order a new identification card online, which saves you time as well.

Bottom Line

A lot of things tend to happen when relocating to a new home. But try not to forget to update your address to your new home. It will convenience you and many other people more than you can imagine. Contact Winter Moving & Storage, which has the best moving tips and advice on changing your address for an even smother moving transition.

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