Best 10 Tips For Moving Out Of An Apartment | Winter Moving & Storage

Moving can be a hassle.  Here are the top 10 moving tips that will keep you organized and ready on moving day!

Tip #1 – Get Quotes and Find a Moving Company

Get your quotes from moving companies and storage facilities early.  Make sure you don’t sign anything you don’t understand, and you are aware of the mover’s responsibilities and your rights. Moving companies like Winter Moving & Storage make the process painless.

If needed, secure these things with payments or deposits as early as possible.  This will give you the ability to plan better, and you’ll know that you have a place for your things.  

Make sure you ask about and purchase insurance for your items, so you are compensated if they are damaged.  

Lastly, ask the moving company how you will contact the movers and save this information in your smartphone.

Tip #2 – Give Notice

Visit your landlord or apartment manager to give written notice of your departure.  You should also schedule a move-out inspection.  

Tip #3 – Plan on Packing

Packing at the last minute is never a good idea.  Plan on packing days or add in an hour or two each day to pack your items.

Tip #4 – Separate the Items You Need With You

If you have movers or storage, you may be without certain items for a while.  Make a list of all the things you want to keep with you.  Clothing, personal items, valuables, etc.  

Tip #5 – Packing Your Items

Pack your items well.  Use proper wraps for fragile items and add labels to your boxes.  This will help you and your movers stay organized throughout your moving process.

Tip #6 – Schedule Extra Time to Clean

Cleaning always takes longer than expected.  If you are going to do the cleaning yourself, schedule two days instead of one to complete the move-out clean.  After packing, cleaning is usually done on low energy and a lack of sleep.  Therefore, you may need more time to get your apartment spotless.

Tip #7 – Stay Healthy

Prep your meals and have plenty of water around.  Moving is stressful and usually draining.  Refuel with healthy items on a normal schedule to stay ahead of the stress.

Tip #8 – Plan One Last Get-Together

Make moving a fun thing, instead of a sad day.  Have a party to celebrate the time you spent making friends in the apartment community.   This will give you one last memory to take with you, and your friends may have some great moving tips to share!

Tip #9 – Stick with Your Schedule

The day the movers come, you should have a schedule that you follow in cleaning, get your final inspection done by the apartment manager and return keys.  Keep your schedule with you and start checking off what you’ve done.  Focus on one thing at a time to get everything done at a good pace.

Tip #10 – Get Sleep

If you have to travel a long distance to your next home, plan a day after you move out of your apartment to sleep.  You should be well rested before a long drive.  This gives you time to rejuvenate and have some downtime before heading to your next destination.  You won’t rush as much if you are well rested, and you will enjoy your trip more.  

These top 10 moving tips are good for anyone whether you’ve moved many times, or it’s your first time to pack and move.  Staying organized and planning ahead is the key to keeping the moving process going well!

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