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Do you own or manage a medical clinic or other medical services organization? If you work in this industry and are considering a move, look no further than Winter Moving & Storage. We have moved numerous medical clinics and other businesses to new locations! Our experienced moving team is at your service to ensure your transition goes as smooth as possible.

Let Us Handle Your Move

Moving a medical clinic or any other type of business is certainly a challenging project that requires attention to detail and considerable physical labor. Do not let this project bog down your staff. Our moving experts can handle the logistical challenges so your team can focus on their work. We will transport all of your supplies, equipment and other sundries. This way, your team won’t have to worry about the details of the move when their attention should be focused on more pressing matters.

Our moving professionals will do all the heavy lifting. All you have to do is tell us what you would like to move, when the move should occur and where to place your items. You can sit back and relax while we transport everything to your exact specifications.

Hire Our Moving Experts to Save Money, Time and Energy

Take a moment to consider all of the effort involved in a move. This endeavor is time consuming, physically taxing and costly. If you attempt a DIY move, your group will have to invest time packing up all of your supplies, equipment and other items. You will have to rent moving trucks, load up all your items, trek on out to the new location, carry everything to the new workspace and organize it. Such an effort will tie up your team for hours, if not days.

It is much more cost effective to let our moving team do the job in a precise, thorough and efficient manner. This way, you won’t have to interrupt your business. The end result will be a considerable savings of time, money and effort.

A Move Done Right

Those who work at medical clinics and other professional settings are not trained or prepared to perform a large moving project. Our experienced moving gurus know exactly how to move medical clinics. Let us handle all the nuances of your move and you will rest easy knowing this transition is being handled by a savvy moving team that knows exactly what it is doing.

We have all the equipment, manpower and systems necessary to facilitate your medical clinic’s transition. Give us the chance to move your equipment, supplies, office furniture and other items and your team will segue to the new location without significant interruption. We go to great lengths to ensure each client’s move is conducted in as seamless of a manner as possible.

Contact Winter Moving & Storage for an Estimate Today

Reach out to us today so we can provide an estimate for your clinic’s move. We also provide moving services for homeowners and other professional and commercial businesses. Our team will analyze the items to be moved, provide you with an estimate in an hour or less and get the ball rolling on your transition!

You can reach us by dialing 479-273-9531 for our Bentonville office or 479-521-9824 for our Fayetteville office. You can also fill out our convenient online contact form and we will be in touch with you as soon as possible.

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