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10 Common Moving Mistakes to Avoid | Winter Moving

Trying to plan a move during any season is rough, but winter can be a nightmare. If you want to make sure your move goes smoothly during winter you must avoid these common mistakes.

1. Failing to Choose a Rain Date

Choosing a rain date isn’t just for rainy days. Having one in place for stormy weather is essential for making your move go smoothly.

2. Forgetting to Sand or Salt that Driveway

One of the most common mistakes when moving during winter is forgetting to salt or sand the driveway or pathways movers will be using to move boxes and furniture. Salting and sanding the driveway also prevents moving trucks from sliding everywhere.

3. Picking the Wrong Movers

Some movers won’t move you during the winter months or will charge extra. Always pick a top-rated mover that does move and knows how to during the winter months.

4. Overthinking the Packing Process

The worst thing you could do when trying to pack up during the winter is overthinking the packing process. All you need to pack stuff up safely, properly and affordably is some good old fashion boxes and newspaper. You can find these materials anywhere. One of the most common mistakes people make is buying expensive packing materials, and not saving enough money for hiring quality movers.

5. Packing Improperly

This often happens when packing up to move. People will pack heavy belongs and goods in larger boxes. Then when movers or themselves go to pick up the boxes, the boxes fall apart or require more manpower to move. Always place heavier items in smaller boxes, so they remain secure and easy to move. For lighter items, use your bigger boxes since the chances of them tearing open as you lift them are slimmer.

7. Refusing Packing Help

If you get offered help to pack up during the winter, you better take it. There are not a lot of individuals who will offer to help you pack up and move during this time of year simply due to the cold, and constantly changing weather conditions.

8. Forgetting to Label Properly

It is up to you to label boxes properly, so movers know exactly what is in each one and the caution they need to take while moving them. If there are fragile items in a box, write fragile in large visible print. Labeling boxes also helps make unpacking easier because movers know where to place each box in your new home.

9. Moving with Unsafe Items

Don’t bother moving with unsafe items such as chemicals, cleaners or anything that says flammable. Most of these items could leak or cause hazards during the move. Instead, donate them to your old neighbors or toss them out properly. You can always replace them later.

10. Moving with Pets without Thinking First 

Pets are family members and moving during the winter months can be extreme for them. Always pack them in safe traveling crates with warm blankets and stop on occasions during the move to give them a good drink of water and food. Most importantly make sure they travel with you in a heated vehicle because pets get cold too.

11. Moving with Perishable Foods

If you can, forget traveling with perishable foods. If you have to, make sure you pack them in coolers properly. It is cold outside during the winter, but that doesn’t mean the food you are moving with is safe from spoiling. It is much easier to get new food once you move into your home and know your refrigerator is up and running.

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