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10 Tips On How To Pack Jewelry For a Move | Winter Moving & Storage

Oftentimes when moving it isn’t the heaviest or largest objects that are the most difficult to move. It’s the small valuables that can go easily misplaced. This is especially true for jewelry. If you have a larger jewelry collection, you likely won’t be able to keep it all with you throughout the move. And you may not want to worry about having so many valuables on your person as you go through a move (especially if it is cross-country). That’s why you need to take advantage of these 10 tips on how to pack jewelry for a move:

1. Consider a Jewelry Roll

These items are great if you have a smaller jewelry collection. The jewelry roll is often used when traveling, but it’s great to have while moving as well. With individual pockets and the ability to roll in on itself, it’s perfect for a small to a medium-sized jewelry collection. Plus you can always invest in a handful of rolls. 

2. Use Buttons for Earrings

One of the most frustrating problems with regard to packing and moving jewelry is losing an earring. However, with spare buttons, you can have one button for two earrings. Just feed the earring through the button and you’re all set. You’ll still need to pack the buttons, but at least you’ll have the earrings together. 

3. Prevent Necklace Tangles

Tangled necklaces are a major headache. To prevent this unclasp a necklace and then feed it through the straw. Then clasp the necklace together. This will prevent it from becoming tangled with other necklaces. 

4. Keep Individual Items Safe

When packing jewelry, you’ll want to pack each item individually. Wrap each in tissue paper and then put the individual pieces into sandwich bags. Make sure to do this if you have valuable jewelry you want to protect from scratching – such as gold, which is easily scratched.

5. Use Pill Cases

Pill cases are perfect for storing small items individually. You can go with an egg carton if you’d like, but the pill case is more secure and won’t pop open accidentally during the move. 

6. Secure Your Armoire

If you’ve placed your jewelry inside of an armoire, make sure to secure its drawers. This way it won’t open during the move and cause some of its contents, such as your jewelry, to spill out onto the floor or into another area of the moving truck. 

7. Use Spiral Binding From Notebook

You can use a spring or the spiral binding from a notebook for this tip. After you’ve fed your necklaces through straws, you can take the clasp of the necklace and connect it to one loop of the spiral. This will keep everything in line and easy to protect. With these packing tips, you won’t have to worry about opening up your jewelry collection and finding a knot of necklaces. 

8. Keep Items With You

Some professional moving companies won’t let you put valuables such as jewelry inside the truck. Often this is because of insurance. Lost jewelry is expensive to replace for a mover, so when possible, it’s ideal to keep it with you. 

9. Protect with Plastic Wrap and a Rubber Band

If you have a small collection, just place plastic wrap over a small bowl of jewelry, then secure it with a rubber band. 

10. Take Inventory

Prior to packing, take note of everything you have and then go through the invoice when you arrive. 

If you have jewelry, you need to take advantage of these 10 important tips on how to pack it for a move. If you have additional questions or need help with any upcoming moves, contact the team at Winter Moving & Storage. From helping you pack to driving the truck during your move, Winter Moving is here to help. 

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