12 Reasons To Consider Storage During a Move

When preparing to move, there are countless factors you must consider so it is essential to begin planning as soon as possible. During the planning process, you may want to ponder utilizing temporary storage which could become helpful, especially when downsizing your living accommodations. When thinking of storage, you imagine getting your holiday decorations out of the garage. Many consider storage units for such purposes but it can be of tremendous assistance through the moving process.

Keep reading for 12 reasons to consider storage during a move:

One: Buy Time to Plan

By storing your items in a secure place, it buys you time to plan and slowly move into the new residence. This makes the unpacking process much easier as you can determine which items fit in each room.

Two: Convenience and Flexibility

Storage units simplify the moving process by giving you a staging area to hold your items to give more time for moving the large and heavy items. This is convenient, flexible, and less stressful compared to moving all items at once.

Three: Covers Unexpected Moments

Unexpected moments occur regularly during moving with the most common being delays from the movers or finding a new place. For these moments, a space to hold some of your possessions simplifies the process.

Four: Downsize Before Moving

Downsizing your belongings is a great idea when packing for a move. Those who downsize often sell items to finance the move instead of donating. However, if your moving day arrives before selling all items then you can put the remaining goods into storage until ready.

Five: Easily Access Belongings

Most storage units offer easy, around-the-clock access to your belongings so you can pick them up or drop them off whenever is necessary.

Six: Moving Vehicles Separately

When driving the moving vehicle, it may be too costly or not be able to tow the family vehicle, especially in households with several vehicles. Therefore, vehicle storage keeps your automobile safe during the moving process.

Seven: Property Protection

Moving is a hectic endeavor so placing your important items away from the fray protects them from being damaged.

Eight: Put Aside Furnishings that Do not Fit

Not all moves end with unpacking forever, especially as a first-time homeowner, renter, or student, so not all belongings will fit in the home or apartment.

Nine: Sell Your Home for More Money

Realtors highlight the importance of de-cluttering your home during the selling process so buyers can envision how their possessions will look in the house. Packing the excess items away in a safe location can increase the value of your home.

Ten: Ship Possessions in Advance

For long-distance moves, many individuals choose to ship items ahead instead of going on a road trip with the moving truck. When you cannot bring your items into your new place yet, having a storage location solves the problem.

Eleven: Storage is Easy

Moving is a complicated, difficult, and lengthy process but a nearby storage unit is simple and efficient. You bring in the belongings you want to hold for a while, shut the door, and you are done!

Twelve: Take Your Time Packing

Finally, renting a unit before moving will help you take your time packing instead of shoving every item into a box. You have the flexibility of placing all necessary items in one box and then the “need later” items in a different box.

Using storage for one or all these tasks will alter your workload and considerably help with the hectic moving process. Always discuss reasons to consider storage options with your preferred mover since your moving day will rapidly be approaching!

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