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20 Packing Pointers For Big Families | Winter Moving & Storage

Are you and your big family planning a move? It can be an incredibly hectic time for you. From dealing with work and tying up loose ends to keeping your kids on track, there’s much to do and little time to do it. To help keep things moving as smoothly as possible, here are 20 packing pointers to take advantage of:

1. Sell everything you don’t need and donate as much as you can. Start this early on so you have less to box up and take with you.

2. Give each child a color. This way, instead of writing names on boxes, each child can have a color. By putting on a blue sticker or a red sticker, you’ll instantly know what box goes where.

3. Pack travel bags. Each child should have an overnight bag of essentials.

4. Consider a professional mover like Winter Moving & Storage. If you have large, bulky items (such as that antique piano), make arrangements with the movers early on. Ideally, you’ll hire them at least a month out.

5. Have a moving checklist. It’s a hectic time, so it’s easy to forget things. Make a master moving checklist to stay on top of what needs to be done.

6. Make sure everyone stays on schedule. As a parent, you already know kids like to drag their feet. Make a calendar for when certain things need to be boxed up and taken care of. Keep the calendar visible, so your children know when things need to be done.

7. Pick up boxes. You can purchase boxes from your local moving stores. These are nice because they keep everything unified (which makes loading the truck easier). If you want heavy-duty boxes, stop by your local liquor store. Their boxes are suitable for more substantial items.

8. Grab newspapers. You’ll want to add protection around your dishes. Using newspaper will help with this and will offer buffer space without spending any money.

9. Bubble wrap is important. One of the packing pointers you’ll want to follow is protecting your screened electronics. Unless you have the original boxes (and foam inserts), you’ll want to wrap screens in bubble wrap.

10. Tell your children how to organize. Have them place toys in one box and clothing in another. This will make it easier to unpack.

11. Mix clothing and books. Books can make boxes extremely heavy. Go 50/50 with clothing and books to lighten the loads.

12. Start packing in advance. This helps avoid the last-minute rush.

13. Remember to change your address. Shoot for a week or so before moving out to cut down on the mail arriving at the house you just left.

14. Make copies of your documents. Paperwork can be lost or misplaced, so make copies of everything.

15. Have a moving folder. This will be where you put documents you need for the move, so they’re readily available.

16. Keep cleaning supplies out. And make sure there’s enough for your children to clean their rooms after everything is out.

17. Have activities available. Moves can be long, so make sure you have items available for games while driving.

18. Load the heavy furniture first. This way it’s out of the way (and it helps distribute the weight easier).

19. Give each child a task on moving day. This keeps children focused (and out of the way as well).

20. Get pizza (or any other food). Keep refreshments and food on hand during moving day. Anyone who helps you move will appreciate this as well.

These are 20 packing pointers you need to practice when planning (and executing) a big family move. And remember, if you ever need help with your moving, whether it’s storage needs, driving the truck, or anything in between, give the team at Winter Moving & Storage a call at 1-800-435-6683.

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