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Customer Service Can Make or Break Your Move | Winter Moving

From beginning to end, moving is one of the most stressful things people can do. Of course getting married and having kids are stressful but moving compounds all of those things for families all over the place. Even if it’s just you and you’re looking to move it’s important to have a few things in place so that things go off without a hitch. One of the biggest concerns you should have with your moving company is how’s the customer service? Here are four things you should be mindful of about the moving companies customer service when you are making a move.

First Impressions: Whether it’s in person, via email or on the telephone you can really still tell a lot about a person or a company upon your first impressions. What are your initial impressions of this company representative? Are they interested to hear your concerns and wishes for your things? Do they ask pertinent questions related to your move and your things? Or are they simply trying to shove their companies latest offer down your throat with no concern for you or your things at all? If the customer service rep you speak with at the get-go give  you  a bad feeling, you might want to think twice about what that means for the culture of the company you are hoping to move with.

Day Of: Once the company people have made it past the initial introductions then you need to begin thinking about how this rep has behaved leading up to the day of the move. Do you know what to expect the day of the move? Has the rep been clear about what you need to have and where and when? Are they clear about the times, contact information, and personnel who will be taking your things? Or do you just get a knock on your door one day with a bunch of sweaty movers who’ve come to throw your things into the back of a dirty moving truck? These are the things which need to send warning flares sky high before you make your move.

Tracking: If you have been working with a customer service person to the point of your things are in transit, it might also be nice to know how the trip is going. When can you expect your things to arrive? How long is the window for them to show up? When will you hear about any delays or early arrivals? These are all things that you need to know so that you can be there to take back your things.

Post: Another big thing to be on the lookout for is how have things been handled now that the move is over? Has your customer service rep been in touch to make sure that things were moved without incident? Have you been billed accurately? Have all promised accommodations been accounted for? If you are working with a mover who comes and takes your money, then takes and drops your things, that might be okay. But if there are issues to be dealt with you want to be sure that you are working with a mover who stands behind their name.

For moves big or small, long distance or local, folks in Bentonville Arkansas know who to contact so that they get the very best move and the very best in customer service to boot. Winter Moving and Storage has amazing movers supported by the kindest and best customer service reps in the industry. We all know how stressful moving is; folks at Winter just make things transporting your things smoother!

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