3 Unique & Effective Ways To Pack Up Fine China | Winter Moving & Storage

Fine china is one of the most fragile and delicate, therefore, difficult items to move. Although fine china is not as heavy or cumbersome as moving a dresser, couch, or other pieces of furniture, they can easily be damaged during the process.  When this occurs, it can be extremely costly and is always frustrating, especially when you have taken the time to protect them. Therefore, you must find a better way to protect your more delicate items when moving. Luckily, you do not need to carry said items individually by hand to ensure their safety.

Using a little creative packing through the below three moving tips, you will not have any problems.

Don’t Solely Rely on Bubble Wrap

The first of the three moving tips is to be creative with the packing materials. While bubble wrap is a fantastic medium for protecting your fragile items, it is not your only option. Using bubble wrap in conjunction with one of the following things will further protect your fragile goods. These materials are also an excellent substitute if you run out of bubble wrap.

  • Bed sheets – can wrap around fragile items to provide tight protection
  • Comforters – provides soft cushioning
  • Foam peanuts – add to boxes to complement bubble wrap
  • Old pillows – like comforters, old pillows are a soft protectant from damage
  • Plastic bags – wrap around fragile items after they are bubble wrapped to create an even tighter wrap
  • Thick socks – using items from your wardrobe for glasses can offer additional protection.

Eliminate Wiggle Room

The second of the three moving tips is to pack items into boxes as tightly as possible. Tightly wrapping your things in bubble-wrap or another medium is a good start, but it will not prevent shifting, shaking, and jostling during transportation. This is especially the case if you are moving a long distance where items will be on a truck for eight or more hours per day. Even the most subtle movements can break a well-wrapped item. Therefore, it is vital to use all packing materials possible to ensure the space for the items to move is eliminated.

Pack Fragile Items Individually

The third of the three moving tips relates directly to the second tip. To eliminate movement, pack fragile items individually and into small boxes as tightly as possible. You can even pack the fragile items into small boxes and then load them into larger boxes for additional protection. One of the most significant causes of damage is items bumping into one another inside of a box. For example, if a fine china bowl and plate are touching within a box, they could scratch each other if they manage to slide around.

On the big moving day, make sure your boxes are labeled with the word “fragile” and remind the movers which boxes they should handle with care. Many moving companies also provide special boxes that are specifically made for fragile items, such as mirror/photo frame packs and dish packs, so it does not hurt to ask as you are packing. By following the previous three moving tips, your items will be better protected from damage, so you do not need to worry about breaking those family heirlooms during a move. For more information or if you have any further questions, please reach out to the team at Winter Moving & Storage today! 

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