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Moving is a difficult job. It’s time-consuming, requires excellent planning and, even if you plan for everything you might still run into complications along the way. With the help of a moving service like Winter Moving & Storage, you have a team at your disposal, ready to assist you with all of your moving requirements. If you have ever moved in the past, you likely have experienced arriving in your new location, boxes, and furniture stacked to the ceiling in the middle of the living room, without the foggiest clue where you’ll put everything. It ends up taking far longer to organize anything and even then, some of what you lugged from your last location you don’t even want or need any longer. This causes more of an issue as you decide what to do with all the extra items. That is why you need to consider storing your furniture during a move. While there are a number of benefits to not taking your furniture, here are the top four you need to keep in mind and why you should take advantage of storage services offered by Winter Moving.

1. Determine Your Furniture Needs Before Moving Furniture

Before fully arriving in your new home you may not completely know what kind of furniture needs you have. You may have some general ideas as to your bedroom or where a certain couch might go, but for some of the other furniture, like bookshelves or tables, it might be up in the air. It’s better to know where the furniture should go, if you even have room for it before you move. The last thing you want to do is put all the work into moving furniture, packing it and bringing it into your home, just to determine you actually have no use for it. So before you end up packing your furniture, put your furniture in storage and identify your needs for the furniture and where it should go.

2. Protects Your Furniture

Moving with furniture is stressful. You have the antique cabinet passed down from one generation to the next. There’s the awkwardly shaped bookshelf and then the bed, which seems to take up half a moving truck. Moving with furniture not only takes up time and space but when moving with everything else you own it opens you up to possible damage. With boxes and other items potentially shifting in the truck, it only takes one box to snap off a table leg. Instead, you can protect your furniture by placing it in storage.

3. Abbreviated Moving Times

You might not have much time to prepare for the move. In these instances, take only what you need and store the rest. This way, you can come back for the rest later.

4. Moving Slowly

Perhaps you want to move one room at a time and spend more time determining if you want to sell or give away certain items. By storing your furniture you can take your time moving.

Moving is often stressful and time-consuming while it consists of more manual labor than you’d probably like. However, with the help of storage services offered by Winter Moving & Storage, you can improve the quality of your move and make it just a little bit easier to handle. So, if you’re interested in renting out a storage space, want to know more about how Winter Moving & Storage can help with your move or have further questions about the storage units, now is the perfect time to pick up the phone and give the team at Winter Moving a call today.

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