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Moving, in general, can be quite an ordeal, but long distance moves tend to be an even bigger challenge. When you’re moving a shorter distance, you can often make multiple small trips — you don’t necessarily always have to move everything at once. With a long distance move, this isn’t the case. Long distance moves tend to be major life events and are much more challenging overall. If you’re planning an upcoming long distance move, then be sure to keep the following four tips in mind:

1. Plan everything ahead of time

The more you plan, the more smoothly your move is going to go. Begin looking for a moving company at least three months ahead of time. This way, you don’t have to settle for using a poor service during a time that’s inconvenient for you because every moving company is booked. By planning well ahead of time, you can begin packing and downsize a little bit at a time instead of doing it all at once right before the move. Additionally, you’ll want plenty of time to do things like changing your address, notifying your children’s schools and planning a going away party for friends and family.

2. Downsize your things

The more you move, the more expensive it’s going to be. You should begin downsizing your belongings ahead of time, especially if you’re moving into a smaller home. The first thing you should do is sort through smaller items, like clothing, books, home decor, toys and more. You should sell, donate or throw away everything that you don’t need or don’t want.

The second thing you should do is consider the size of your new home. Will all of your furniture fit? If not, figure out which rooms are smaller, and get rid of furniture that you won’t have room for. You may even have some furniture pieces that you don’t want anymore. You won’t want to move any furniture across the country only to find that you have to get rid of it or put it in storage because it won’t fit.

Downsizing is something you should do even if the house you’re moving to is the same size or bigger. Otherwise, professional movers are going to spend more time loading up their trucks with things you don’t really want or need, which is costly in itself. They may even end up requiring a larger truck to accommodate all of your things if you neglect to downsize, which will also be more expensive.

3. Find an experienced moving company

Not all moving companies are reputable. Look for a moving company that has experience with long distance moves and has a stellar reputation. Here at Winter Moving & Storage, we are a 14-time winner of the Hauling Excellence Award and recipients of the prestigious Milton M. Hill Quality Award.

4. Prepare for the road

Odds are that you’ll be driving to your new location. You’re going to want to plan for the long-distance road trip by bringing your car in for a tune-up at least a few weeks before the moving date. The last thing you’ll want is to have your car break down in the middle of the trip, after all. Additionally, book a hotel ahead of time if the trip is going to take more than a day. You won’t want to drive around in search of a place to stay late at night.

If you are planning a long distance move, then be sure to keep these tips in mind. To request a free moving estimate, be sure to contact us at Winter Moving & Storage today.

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