4 Helpful Ways to Save Money During a Long Distance Move | Winter Moving

Long distance moves can be stressful and costly. Looking up frugal moving tips goes a long way in helping you save both money and time. A suitable way of lowering your financial expenses is recycling moving boxes that are strong enough to hold your belongings. Pack light items in such boxes so that they don’t rip and cause damages. Paying for the transportation of your car also allows you to move your vehicle to your new home without worrying about extra expenses that will arise if you drive it yourself. The following are a few moving tips that will help you save money during your long distance move.

1. Timing

You have to remember that you are not the only one planning a move. Choosing the time to move will determine how much you will spend. Moving companies’ rates go up when many people are moving to new locations. Avoid mid-summer, which is a particularly popular moving season. The best time to schedule your long distance move is between September and May. There will be different moving companies offering competitive prices to choose from. You can choose a convenient moving date and reserve your move with your chosen company in advance. Avoid moving on national holidays and on the last weekend of a month. Further, when you move during off-peak seasons, the traffic is more manageable and you’ll likely arrive without delay. Heavy traffic makes finding parking space a problem, and you could easily be involved in a road accident.

2. Work With a Moving Budget

You need to have a moving budget so that you don’t overextend yourself financially. Set for yourself a financial limit and ensure your savings will be able to cover all potential costs. Use frugal moving tips to cut down on costs. Browse through the internet for affordable moving companies and contact them to inquire about the price of their offered services. Keep track of your expenses throughout the moving process so that you’re always aware of where you’re at in your budget.

3. Hire a Moving Company

To have a stress-free long distance move, you need to hire a moving company. With their affordable rates, you get to save time and money. Book morning slots so that the professional movers arrive at your place fresh. Choose a company with competitive rates that allow you to save money. Moving companies come with a moving truck and professional movers that will help you load and off-load your belongings, which will save you time and frustration when compared to trying to move by yourself.

4. Buy Affordable Packing Supplies

Many people rush to buy packing supplies forgetting that they might already have some of the houses. Look through your house for packing containers and supplement them with new boxes and containers if what you have isn’t sufficient. Just like moving companies, make sure that you compare the prices of available moving containers before you buy.

Planning and budgeting for a long distance move can be stressful, but by following the above tips you can help cut costs and reduce headaches at the same time.


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