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Moving abroad is incredibly exciting. Whether you’re moving to Canada or Sri Lanka, it’s an entirely different experience. Of course, once you start crossing international borders, it brings up a handful of new problems you don’t run into while moving within the U.S. With such a move, you’ll have your hands full, but the team at Winter Moving & Storage is on hand to help make life a bit easier. In fact, when it comes to international moving, here are a few things you must know before heading out.

Know Where You’re Moving

You already know the country and city, but you need to have a final destination in place. In other words, moving to a new country and having everything in storage is not a viable option. You’ll need an actual, physical address. A number of different government agencies (both in the U.S. and the country you’re moving to) will go through the manifest of your move and want to check on details. This includes where the items are to be shipped to. If you’ve moved on a whim in the U.S. before, you may have just driven to a city and stayed in a hotel until you found an apartment. You’ll need to do that ahead of time, or you might run into some problems.

Have Documentation

Winter Moving & Storage can help you with this documentation. You’ll need a manifest of what you’re moving. This is also a good time to clear out as much as possible. The less you move with, the easier it is for you. However, you may want to pack some items, such as electronics or furniture. All of this will be documented and prepared for your move.

Packing for International Moving

International moving is far different from regular, domestic moving. Not only will your items be sent via moving trucks, but the trucks will transport your items to a shipping yard, where it likely will be loaded onto a boat and transported to your new country of origin. In some cases, the items will be loaded into a cargo plane, but it depends on where you’re moving and what you’re looking to pay (cargo jets are substantially faster, but may cost more as well). Winter Moving & Storage can help you get the right international shipping services to work with.

Even after traveling to your new country, the items will then need to be picked up again, put onto another moving truck and sent to your place of residence. All of this means your items will bounce around and go through a number of moving services. You’ll need to have them packed thoroughly in order to ensure the highest level of security. It’s best to let professionals pack items to prepare for such a move.

Have Photocopies of Everything

Have duplicate copies of every piece of information you have. From moving with pets to your cargo receipts, you need copies of everything. Also, keep it as organized as possible.

Moving abroad is a great opportunity. However, if you decide to move items you can’t fit into a suitcase, you will need to go through customs and different moving services. Winter Moving & Storage can help you with this process. From filling out the correct paperwork to preparing your items for a long-distance move, this will be a process. However, with the help of professionals, it’ll be as easy as possible. Besides, you have much to look forward to in your new country of residence. All you need to do is take the next step and give Winter Moving & Storage a call.

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