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Moving can be a very stressful time. Preparing in advance is key to reducing stress so you don’t feel overwhelmed by the moving process. A good place to start is making sure you avoid the most common mistakes that people make during this life-changing time. Here are 5 mistakes to avoid while preparing to move:

  1. Moving Scams — The most obvious scam in the moving industry is the fake company that will take your money and never finishes the move. There are incidents where belongings have disappeared and the company vanishes and is never heard from again. This can be avoided by doing your research before signing any agreement with a moving company. Another trick these bogus companies use is the bate-and switch technique quoting a low price and adding more fees later. They might even try to hold your belongings until you pay these charges.
  2. Underestimate the move — It may seem to you that you don’t have an exorbitant amount of belongings, but more often than not, you will underestimate the total.  Carefully estimate how much space all your things will need to be transported safely. This can help you to avoid getting surprised when told you will need a bigger truck or a second truck resulting in a big jump to your budget.
  3. Starting too Late — This may be the most common and most costly mistake that is made during moving preparation. There are plenty of places to get low or no-cost packing supplies. When you are under the gun because time is short, you might need to quickly get supplies at a much higher cost. Start packing well in advance of moving day to allow time to find cheaper supplies. Starting late also cuts down your time to research moving companies. Finding a reputable company that is available on the day of your move may take time.
  4. Choosing the Wrong Insurance — This mistake is specially made by people moving to a different state. There are federal regulations concerning interstate moves a quality moving company will explain to you during your meeting prior to moving day. Explore these regulations in advance so you are aware of the options. Check with your homeowner’s policy to see if they offer this coverage.
  5. Budget mistakes — This has been discussed before, but it deserves a second mention. There are many ways to underestimate a moving budget. Get a few quotes from moving companies to be sure you are in the right ballpark and then fine-tune the result with your specific needs for your belongings. There are other mistakes that can add up in the final cost such as paying for extra help prior to the move and special packing materials for fragile items and precious family keepsakes.

Avoiding these moving mistakes will make moving an enjoyable experience and not a stressful time. Please consider contacting Winter Moving & Storage when moving in the Northwest Arkansas area. We are a twelve-time winner of the Milton M. Hill Quality Award. This honor is only given by Atlas to moving companies that meet a high degree of customer satisfaction. Weight estimating and safety points are part of the criteria for receiving this moving industry award.

Winter Moving and Storage has been proudly serving customers since 1979. We can safely store your belongings in our 50,000 square feet. climate-controlled warehouse located in Bentonville, Arkansas. Call with any questions or concerns. Experienced staff will be glad to help you. Keep the stress to a minimum by letting Winter Moving and Storage handle your moving experience.

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