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5 Of The Most Difficult Things to Pack & How To Pack Them | Winter Moving


Congrats on your new home! But how will you pack and move everything without breaking heirlooms, furniture…and your back? We have a list of the hardest things to pack and an alternative means of packing them.

1. Artwork

Family pictures, decorations, vases, holiday decorations, art designs, and souvenirs are priceless. They need to be handled with a lot of care and precision. This is a sentimental part of moving since it holds all the history of your previous home.

An easier way of packing artwork is placing it in a mirror box. Large items can be placed in wooden crates. Smaller pieces of artwork can be placed in small carton boxes with two layers of cardboard for added protection.

2. Garage Tools

Your garage is probably piled high with tools that have different shapes which makes it harder to pack. The tools are also too heavy for cardboard boxes. You can’t leave your tools behind. How do you pull this off when moving?

First, you can fit smaller garage tools into sturdy, recyclable cardboard boxes. Use packing tape to seal all the boxes carry the tools for extra support. You can pack the rest of the heavy items using moving blankets. Before moving the items, ensure cardboard bottoms have been secured tightly.

3. Shoes

Shoes are a major cause of concern when relocating. Most homeowners have many pairs of shoes in the attic and in racks. You must also pack different types of shoes for different occasions. Shoes take up a fair share of the space of your luggage when relocating.

The first step in packing shoes is through creating a list of the activities you are planning to do and the appropriate shoes for the occasions. To save space, ensure you go for lightweight shoes such as open shoes and sandals which can be used for multiple occasions. You can donate the worn-out shoes or small-sized ones to charity hence reducing space occupied.

4. Electronics

Electronics are highly delicate and call for a separate space when moving. Most electronics have a delicate lens and glass which can be damaged during packing. The list includes laptops, cameras, TV among many more.

When packing electronics, assess whether the device can be dismantled. If it’s a camera, you can invest in a packing bag with dedicated pockets. For a laptop, try a laptop skin bag. Other electronics can be fitted into one box that should be labeled “Delicate; Handle with Care.”

5. Furniture

Moving furniture can be laborious and challenging as well as time-consuming. It calls for in-depth knowledge on safely moving furniture to avoid damages.

When it comes to packing your furniture, you can place small items in cardboard boxes. For large furniture, use bubble wraps to cover the protruding parts. You can also place a cloth padding in hollow spaces for added protection. Ensure the pieces of the furniture are also taped securely in place.

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