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Moving to a new home requires lots of planning. And if you are feeling overwhelmed, you’ll be glad to know that the Winter Moving & Storage team is here to assist. Below are five tips to help you and your loved ones experience a smooth move.

1. Get Organized

Start by creating a moving checklist. Doing so will ensure you don’t leave anything out. Plus, having a to-do list allows you to divide tasks between family members. These may include calling utility companies to request shut-off, purchasing packing boxes, and changing the mail address.

Another must-do step is budget setting which will determine whether to hire a moving company or go the DIY route. Once you’ve figured that out, you can now focus on packing your items. Consider decluttering by either donating some or disposing of them correctly. Get as many moving boxes as you can.

Remember to pack an essentials bag with all the day-one items such as basic toiletries, clothes, chargers, medication, and documents.

2. Identify a Moving Company

Hiring a moving company is another way to ensure a stress-free move. But with so many movers near you, it’s best to do your due diligence to avoid scams.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Association(FMCSA) recommends taking the following steps.

  • Check whether the moving company appears on the FMCSA database. Also, this company should have a U.S DOT number
  • Read all the standard documents associated with the move. You must pay close attention to specific types, such as estimates, an inventory list, bill of lading, and service orders.
  • Be alert and look out for red flags. These include failure to undertake an inspection visit, demands for the entire sum before the move, no physical address on their website, and requests by movers to sign blank paperwork.
  • Ensure you understand the liability agreement fully. Two options exist, complete value protection and released value. The former is the default and is more extensive. For instance, if the mover damages your belongings, they will either replace, repair, or provide a cash settlement. The second option offers very little protection. Also, the company can only cover sixty cents per pound. Therefore, if an item like your 25-pound tv suffers damage, you will only receive a $15 cash settlement(60 cents x 25).
  • Have a family member present during the loading process
  • Understand your roles and rights

3. Develop a Comprehensive Inventory System

A record of your household items is essential, especially where movers are involved. We recommend putting together a spreadsheet that should list each item and its assigned box number. A helpful tip would be to label all sides of the moving boxes for easy identification even when the container is facing downwards.

It would be best to store delicate items in a separate location. Also, insuring these breakable items and valuables is a smart move. Remember to create backup files for information stored on your laptop.

4. Consider Leaving Your Kids with a Sitter

If you can, we recommend hiring a sitter for the day. Moving can take a toll on kids. Moreover, it becomes more challenging to supervise the move with them around. Consider leaving your pets as well.

5. Have Cash at the Ready

We can’t stress enough the importance of having cash on the day of the move. You’ll likely get takeout that day. Also, while tipping isn’t mandatory, it’s a nice gesture to tip movers and any other person who helped make the day a success.

Are You Planning To Move?

Hiring a licensed mover will ensure you get complete protection for all your belongings. Winter Moving and Storage has over three decades of experience in interstate and local moving services. You can count on us for expedited services at favorable rates. Are you planning to move out soon? Contact us to schedule an inspection visit today.

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