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The holiday season is bursting with extended family, delicious food, and a bunch of love and festivities. However, by mixing in moving, the holly jolly season can become one of the most stressful times of your life. Relocating with family and friend obligations, holiday expenses, and cold weather is daunting. The good news is it does not have to be a stressful time and you can still enjoy the holidays! By following these five moving tips, the entire process can be a lot of fun:

One: Capitalize on Holiday Sales

The holidays are an expensive time of the year due to purchasing gifts and travel so adding moving costs can drain your bank account fast. However, there are plenty of holiday sales to score some new gear or furniture. Take your search a step further and look at moving supplies, boxes, and other helpful holiday sales. The result can be an excellent move and furnishing a new home while maintaining a budget.

Two: Consider the Weather

Although it is challenging to predict the weather during a winter move, it is crucial to consider bad weather conditions on the big day. This means it is important to have a back-up day in case of a snowstorm. Luckily, movers are equipped with all tools to move during the winter, including protection of your belongings from the elements and the knowledge of loading and unloading all items safely. Also, do not forget to switch your utilities to the new address so electricity and heat are available on the first day.

Three: Donate Unwanted Items

The packing process is excellent for taking inventory of your existing items and the holiday is a great time to donate unnecessary belongings. Good Will and the Salvation Army are fantastic options to donate lightly used clothing, furniture, and toys. 

In addition to that warm and fuzzy feeling you get when donating to those in need during the holiday season, you can also de-clutter your home. Also, you may even have tax write-offs for the upcoming tax season so remember to keep all donation receipts.

Four: Plan Accordingly

Booking a moving company during the holiday season is a great way to simplify the process since the business will be slower. Start by contacting moving companies around one-month in advance. Remember, movers have holiday obligations as well so planning your move and confirming ahead of time ensures a seamless process.

Since the holidays are considered off-peak season, you will also save money, which is more than welcome for holiday shopping. In the days leading up to the move, take time each day to pack items beginning with the least essential items and advance to the daily use items. Having a detailed plan that you follow is invaluable during the holiday move!

Five: Share Your Forwarding Address Early

The moment you have your new address, share it with friends, family, work, and other important parties. You certainly do not want to miss holiday cards and package deliveries, supply shipments, or critical mail during the busiest shipping time of the year. If you are sending holiday cards, then this is the ideal time to share your new address with the most important individuals and families in your life and distribute the big news of your exciting move.

Holiday moving does not have to be an overwhelming process by following these five tips. For more information on holiday moves or to receive a quote, contact Winter Moving & Storage today! Their professionals can move your belongings safely and efficiently during the most festive time of the year!

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