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5 Tips on Packing Pots & Pans For A Move | Winter Moving & Storage

The kitchen has a way of taking up more boxes than you’d ever anticipate during a move. With all the dishes, silverware, appliances, plus the pots and pans, you can quickly take up a good portion of your moving truck with all the boxes dedicated to your kitchen materials. However, you’ve accumulated these objects over the years and you don’t want to start replacing pots and pans after your move (in fact, these might be some of the first items you want out as you begin cooking following a move). So, to keep everything in one piece, here are five moving tips on how to pack pots and pans. 

1. Clean Everything

Make sure everything is clean prior to the move. It’s easy for a little bit of grease to remain on pots and pans that might go unnoticed. This grease can saturate through the box, cling to the newspaper you have used for packing, and in some instances when there are extreme amounts of grease, this can become a fire hazard inside of a hot moving truck. 

If you have pots or pans that remain a bit greasy and are not suppose to be washed (such as cast iron), you will want to pack these separately. Also, don’t pack these objects with newspaper as the ink and newsprint will just absorb into the newspaper. 

2. Spread Out The Weight

It’s easy to place light objects into a box and then, by the time the box is full, realize the box is actually incredibly heavy. Instead, you will want to spread some of the weight around. Pack dish towels with your lids and use sponges and lightly balled up newspaper to offer a buffer around the glass. This not only will help keep the items from breaking during the move but the towels and newspaper will help keep the boxes lighter during the move. These are some of the moving tips you need to take advantage of when it comes to pots and pans (your back will thank you for going light on the boxes). 

3. Pack Pantry Items

If you’re packing a large pot into the box you have all kinds of available room inside of it. Don’t let this room go to waste. Instead, place spices or other pantry items into the open areas. While you want to make sure and not over pack (otherwise some boxes will weight far too much), by using the open pots you will be able to fit a wide range of items into the same box. It also acts as a natural barrier so items are not bouncing around. 

4. Remember To Mark Your Boxes

Some of the items in your box may go bad if left in the heat and boxed up for long. Some flours and seasonings will not last (be careful with the flour you pack, because you might find there are mealworms in the flour the next time you open it up). So remember to clearly identify the boxes as not only for the kitchen but “fragile” if the box has anything breakable in it. 

5. Groups Of Threes

When packing pots and pans, pack everything in groups of threes. Take a large pan, place a slightly smaller pan inside of it, then place a third, smaller pan inside. This will help reduce the number of boxes you have to pack for the kitchen. 

If you’re moving, make sure to take advantage of these five moving tips for packing pots and pans. Should you need further assistance Winter Moving & Storage is here to help. All you need to do is give the team a call at your earliest convenience. Everything else will be taken care of. 

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