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The hassle of relocating from one home to another is enough to drive you crazy. The packing process is triple the madness. If you are planning to move to a different town, state, country or even overseas, the workload can be extremely chaotic and you need to work with a competent mover who’s eager to guide you. Winter Moving & Storage can help you minimize the hassle.

Prepare the Documents

The professionals of Winter Moving Company are always ready to assist you with planning your relocation process. We can advise you on relevant documents you may need to carry during transit. If, for example, you are moving overseas or across the country, make sure that you have all the required travel documents like passports.

Planning Ahead

It’s important to note the key differences between your old and new home, including:

  • Space – If your new home is smaller than the previous house, then you may need to get rid of some of your things so that what is left can fit comfortably.
  • Weather – If you’re moving to a place where it doesn’t snow, it’s time to toss the snow blower.

Planning will spare you regrets and frustration caused by leaving behind what you needed most or hauling more than you can store.

Remove the Clutter

Before packing a single box, you will want to clean up your home by getting rid of trash and donating furniture and clothes you no longer need. Reducing the clutter cannot only lighten your load, it can help you transport fewer boxes. You’ll save money and time.

Create a Packing List

Speaking of leaving behind essential things, how about creating a packing inventory? Write a list of things that are a must-carry about six weeks before moving. If you wait to write an inventory on the day of the move, the chances are the pressure will cause you to forget to note down vital things.

Pour yourself some coffee on a calm day, get a pen and paper or your computer and start listing. On moving day, check the items as you pack them one by one until you exhaust the list. This ensures you don’t leave anything behind. For duplicate items, have a quantity column where you note down the number; for example, ten pairs of shoes.

Practice Methodical Packing

Don’t just dump your belongings in boxes in random order. Instead, adopt a systematic method of arranging your items. Keep all cutlery together in one box and glass plates covered safely in another box. Shoes should be placed in one box separate from your grooming kits and toiletries.

Packing methodically may seem like a lot of work, but when you get to your new house, unpacking becomes an easier task. You may not unpack everything in one day, but with this type of packing, you’ll be able to find what you need with ease, without going through multiple boxes in frustration.

Ensure Safe Packing

“Safe packing” means wrapping fragile items with paper and tissues to prevent them from breaking during transportation. Also, label the containers, especially the ones containing fragile items to ensure that whoever handles them does it with care.

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Don’t sweat about moving! You can minimize chaos and make your move as smooth as possible. And when you’re in the planning phase, contact Winter Moving & Storage and get the best quote for your relocation. We can also advise you on the best ways to ease the shift.

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