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Moving is an unavoidable part of life. Everyone must go through the process at some time, whether they’re moving down the street or across the country. Unfortunately, moving is never easy, and packing is one of the most stressful aspects of moving. It’s sometimes unpleasant and not exactly fun. Fortunately, you can make the process a whole lot easier with some preparation.

Here are some packing tips that will take the misery out of the process and ultimately make the process just a bit smoother.

1. You’ll need a game plan

First, draft a packing checklist that includes a timeline. Outline what you need to do. Breaking down the process into small tasks will make packing more manageable and less stressful.

Plus, it’s best to start packing as far in advance as possible. Start with the items you won’t miss, such as season items, books, and other once-in-while items. This way, you’ll have less to pack when moving time finally rolls around.

2. Get rid of everything

Okay, maybe not everything but you should definitely clear out all unwanted items. Packing all your possessions into boxes can be overwhelming, and having tons of unused and unnecessary items just complicates the process.

Do a merciless purge and get rid of the clutter. That coat may be cute, but you haven’t worn it months; it has to go. By donating your unused items, not only will you have less to pack and move, you’ll have less to unpack too. This is your chance to start life in your new space with a clean slate. Take it!

3. Invest in quality moving boxes

You probably have some boxes lying around the house from online purchases, and you can probably score some boxes from your local grocery store for free. Even so, you don’t want a situation where boxes are falling apart during the moving process due to all the stress and wear.

In the end, durability will be worth the cost.

4. Label your moving boxes in detail

Odds are you won’t unpack all at once. Yet, there are some items you’ll need sooner than others, and it’s the tiny details that make all the difference.

List out everything, particularly the fragile items and those you know you’ll need within the week. Make sure to detail out the contents on several sides of the box. While this can be cumbersome, it saves you from having to struggle to find the right box – even if it’s stacked or lost in a pile of similar moving boxes.

5. Pack boxes by weight and room

What’s going in the kitchen? Make sure to sort out your items for easy unpacking. Organize your items into three groups: necessities, heavy objects, and light items. Your necessities are the items you’ll need to access immediately. By focusing on weight as opposed to size, you can avoid overpacking heavy items and ensure the moving boxes hold throughout the process.

It’s important to keep items that belong in the same room together, especially if you don’t live on your own. Packing by room will help you know where each box needs to go.

6. Bundle the breakables

Ensure to wrap your fragile items in plenty of bunched-up paper and padding. It’s best to put these items together to ensure they’re properly handled when moving. Remember not to leave empty spaces in the boxes as this increases their risk of breaking. Fill any gaps with packing paper or clothing, and make sure to tape up the seams to provide extra support.

Get Some Expert Help!

Professional movers understand how best to navigate the road to keep your belongings safe and protected. They also take care of the heavy lifting. In this regard, Winter Moving is the best in the business. Our goal is to bring you peace of mind by providing reliable, safe and efficient services backed by a professional inventory process.

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