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Moving doesn’t need to be a hassle. If you plan everything out and organize what you’re moving, it can go relatively smoothly. At Winter Moving & Storage, you have a team of experts on hand ready to assist you. Even if you decide to take the company up on offered moving and storage assistance, here are seven important steps you should follow to stay organized for your move.

1. Label Boxes by Room

The last thing you want is to finish your move and realize you have several dozen boxes and don’t know what’s in any of them. This leads to you opening half the boxes just to find the coffee maker. Avoid this problem by labeling your boxes by room.

One way to do this is to use color-coded stickers. This way, you instantly know red means a kitchen box, blue a bathroom box, pink the girls’ room, green the boys’ room and so on. Place stickers on all sides of the boxes, so you instantly know where it goes.

2. Have a Moving Binder

During your move, you’ll need certain paperwork on hand. You may need to write down phone numbers, have pet medical records for your landlord or keep a color-coded key for your room labels. If you think you might need certain documentation or information, put it in the moving binder.

3. Pack What You’ll Need First Last

When you arrive at your new property, there will be a few things you need first. Cleaning supplies, your toolkit, a broom and, yes, the coffee maker. Pack these last. This way, you know exactly where they are and have easy access to them. This is one of the organization tips that keeps you from digging through all the other boxes to find what you need.

4. Start Early

Sometimes, you only have a few weeks prior to a move. The more time you have, though, the better. It’s easier to stay organized if you begin planning your move months in advance. So, start packing up closet space and side rooms ahead of time. This will ensure that you can better organize your boxes and donate what you don’t need. Last-minute packing leads to chaos and tossing random objects into boxes.

5. Ditch the Clutter

Moving is a perfect time to look at everything you own and decide if you really need it. When going through these organization tips, you’ll find that ridding yourself of clutter cuts down on what you need to move, which helps with packing and unpacking. Ditch enough of the clutter, and you may be able to rent a smaller truck as well!

6. Change of Address Ahead of Time

One problem many people run into is the change of address. They wait until they have already moved. The problem with this is that it takes weeks to process (or longer). File for a change of address ahead of time.

7. Bring in the Pros to Help Pack the Truck

Even if you’re driving the truck yourself, one of the best organization tips is to take advantage of loading experts. Crews from companies like Winter Moving & Storage know how to best pack a truck, which helps you get more out of your limited truck space.

Organization is one of the most important elements for any move. The more organized you are, the easier it becomes. Of course, having professionals on hand to assist also makes it that much easier. So, if you’re in need of moving assistance or want to put items in storage, make sure to contact the team at Winter Moving & Storage today!

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