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7 Packing Mistakes When Moving | Winter Moving & Storage

Moving is an important step to starting new beginnings. However, it can be a highly stressful process. When you ask most property owners, they’ll probably say that packing is among the most daunting aspects of moving.

However, packing can be a more pleasant experience if you have a proper strategy and certain mistakes. This article explores seven of the most common packing mistakes people make when moving.

1. Failing to Plan Ahead

Planning all aspects of a move is a no-brainer, and packing without a plan is a recipe for disaster. Formulating a detailed plan beforehand helps you streamline and simplify the packing process. Most importantly, a plan allows you to organize and pack all your items safely and on time.

A proper packing plan encompasses creating a schedule, a checklist of all items, and preparing packing supplies. In case of any developments during the packing process, your plan will be a valuable reference point.

2. Not Getting Enough Packing Supplies

Not purchasing enough packing supplies is a common mistake that makes moving stressful for many homeowners. You don’t want to start packing only to realize you’re out of boxes, wrap, or packing tape. This mistake happens when you lack a packing plan.

It’s crucial to figure out and note down everything you need to pack all your belongings. Important supplies include boxes, bubble wrap, labeling pens, packing paper, packing tape, Styrofoam, and resealable bags. Referencing your inventory of items, you can purchase enough supplies or a little bit extra, just in case.

3. Not Labeling Boxes

Labeling boxes is a seemingly small thing that many property owners overlook. However, it can make a major difference on moving days and during the unpacking process. Labels help professional movers understand which items to load first and where to place the boxes after unloading at your new residence.

Labeling also helps identify fragile items so that movers can know which packages to handle with special care to avoid breakages. Finally, labeling boxes makes the unpacking and reorganizing at your new residence much easier.

4. Failing to Secure Items

Simply organizing and packing your belongings without securing items properly is a common cause of damage when moving. Once you have purchased the proper packing suppliers, it is important to secure fragile, breakable, or valuable items with bubble wrap, Styrofoam, or packing paper.

You should also place such items in sturdy, properly set up boxes rather than plastic or paper bags. If there are any gaps, you can use packing paper or towels to fill them in. Taking these extra steps ensures the items do not move about in transit.

5. Packing Inefficiently

One of the most common complaints from movers is inefficient packing by homeowners. An example is packing heavy items in very large boxes.

Inefficient packing makes relocating harder and slower and can present safety risks for movers. It also increases the chances of items breaking due to burst boxes.

It is ideal to pack heavy items in small or medium-sized boxes. Each heavy item should be packed separately. You can pack lighter items, such as pillows and upholstery, in larger boxes.

6. Overloading/Overstuffing Boxes

Overstuffing boxes is another common and potentially costly packing mistake. It’s important to gauge the carrying capacity of each box before placing items into a box.

Packing beyond the limit of each box increases its chances of breaking and damaging your belongings. Overstuffed boxes are also hard to stack and unstable. Ensure you purchase sufficient boxes of the right sizes to avoid overloading.

7. Last Minute Packing

One of the worst packing mistakes you can make when moving is last-minute packing. Packing a day before or on the day of your move exposes you to several problems. You won’t have enough time to organize and pack properly.

As such, the process can easily become overwhelming, leading to other mistakes like forgetting to label or secure boxes. It’s best to start packing weeks before the move as it gives you ample time to plan, get supplies, and pack properly.

Being aware of and avoiding these and other packing mistakes is crucial for a hassle-free moving experience. It’s also highly recommended to enlist the services of a reputable and respected moving agency. Are you ready to pack and move?

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