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7 Tips for a Simplified Packing Process | Winter Moving & Storage

Packing and moving to a new home is not an easy process, especially for first-timers. The process is even more demanding if you are unaware of the tools you can use for efficient packing.

Winter Moving and Storage has tips for a simplified packaging process to save time, money, and energy:

1. Use Our Packing Calculator

The last thing you want is too many boxes or not enough boxes for your packing. At Winter Moving and Storage, we give you an accurate estimate of packing boxes and moving supplies required. The estimate is based on the number of people, bedrooms, and lifestyle. Before you begin your moving process, reach out to us for consultation.

2. Types of Packing Kits, Boxes

The types of boxes and packing kits you order are vital. If most of your utensils are fragile, you’ll need glass packing kits; they have dividers meant for glassware’s safe transportation. You can order dish-packing kits for dinnerware. The boxes have cell dividers and foam pouches, which are ideal for transporting fragile plates. These kits speed up your packing process and ensure the items arrive safely.

3. Box Organization

Having the right number of boxes and packing kits is not enough: You need to develop an organized system for your move. Label your boxes with sharpie markers, color-coded stickers, or any other labeling method for easy identification. With box organization, you’ll know where to put boxes when offloading. Winter Moving and Storage recommends using plastic bags and labels to ensure all your items are easily identifiable.

4. Declutter Before Packing

Effective elimination of clutter and unnecessary items you don’t need in your new destination is vital. Create different “piles” such as donate pile, store, or sell piles. Donations can be made to charity organizations to lighten your load. Items not worth donating should be discarded.

5. Progressively Pack: Room-to-Room

When you are ready for packing, where do you begin? What system do you follow? We recommend you start in one room. Ensure all items are packed and accounted for before moving to the next room. If you don’t know which rooms to pack first, we recommend you first pack your bedroom(s), nursery, kitchen, and children’s playroom. Ensure items from each room are correctly labeled to make the offloading process easier.

6. Disassemble Lamps and Furniture

At Winter Moving, we help disassemble furniture and lamps to better-fit your belongings into our vans and trucks. The process also helps in speeding-up packing and unpacking. Check with our professionals to know which items can or cannot be disassembled.

7. Double-Check Your Packed Boxes

Ensure all items are packed and moved safely. To avoid breakage and slippage, don’t overpack boxes. Secure the bottom and top of every box.

There are other packing tips you can use, but these are essential for a timely and efficient move. Winter Moving and Storage offers a list of supplies and moving tips to keep your items safe.

Contact us today. One of our agents will gladly provide more information about our services.

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