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Moving into a new home can be an exciting yet overwhelming adventure that requires careful planning and consideration. If you’re aware of common moving mistakes, you have a better chance of not making them. Here are ten common moving mistakes to avoid.

1. Forgetting to Research Your Mover 

The most important thing to do is to make sure your mover is licensed. Before you sign anything, be certain that the moving company is reputable. Make sure that the mover is registered with your state’s Department of Transportation.

2. Spending Too Much on Packing Supplies 

One of the common moving mistakes people make is spending too much on moving supplies when you can make do with what’s available around the house. Reuse whatever you have and buy only what’s necessary. Instead of purchasing packing boxes, use newspapers and empty boxes to pack light items.

3. Putting Heavy Items in Large Boxes 

When you are packing items, make sure that heavy items go into small boxes so that they are easier to handle. Packing heavy items in large boxes makes them difficult to carry, and they could damage the boxes. Heavy items should not share a packing box but rather go into individual boxes.

4. Forgetting to Take Measurements 

Before you move into your new house, make sure to measure so that you’re certain your furniture can pass through the door. Also, measure each room so you know that all your belongings will fit.

5. Packing Flammable Materials 

Packing flammable materials violates moving regulations and may put you and the movers in danger. When you’re getting ready to move, make sure that you haven’t packed any flammable materials.

6. Losing Your Bill of Lading 

A bill of lading is the contract between you and your mover. Be sure to treat this contract with care as it will be an essential reference in case issues arise during or after your move.

7. Forgetting to Label Your Boxes 

Label boxes with information about the contents to let the movers know which ones need to be treated with care. Labeling them also lets the movers know where each box belongs. Consider using color coordination to label boxes so that all the ones going into the same room have the same color.

8. Taking Taxes Lightly 

Before you move, look at the specific guidelines about which items are tax-deductible. You can visit the IRS website before your moving date and check out the comprehensive rundown. Always have all relevant receipts with you as well.

9. Ignoring the Professional Code of Conduct 

Remember to treat your movers with respect and introduce yourself to everyone. Ensure that you have a good working relationship with the moving team and that you provide them with refreshments before and after the move.

10. Forgetting to Change Your Address 

Forgetting to change your home address is one of the moving mistakes people often make. Change your address before you move to avoid confusion later.


If you avoid these common moving mistakes, you will save money and avoid confusion. Make sure you hire a reputable moving company like Winter Moving & Storage so that you enjoy a stress-free and successful move into your new house.


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