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Award-Winning Moving Company near Me | Winter Moving & Storage

Moving can be very stressful and complicated, especially when doing it yourself. Therefore, it is wise to work with a moving company that ensures that unforeseen issues such as loss and damage to your property do not arise. Located in Northwest Arkansas, Winter Moving and Storage Company is an award-winning moving company that provides exceptional moving, packing, and storage services.

Please keep reading to learn about this great moving and storage company, its services, and awards it has won over the years.

Winter Moving and Storage Company Services

Among the services that we offer are;

Residential moving services

Whether you are moving your entire house or part of it to a new location, we assure you of safe and timely relocation. Your possessions are our priority, so we pack them with the utmost care and safely transport them, ensuring that there is no breakage or damage.

Commercial moving services

Whether you are moving an office of 10 or 200 staff members, you can trust us to move it professionally and securely. Among the businesses that we have successfully moved include:

  • Libraries
  • Corporate Offices
  • Hotels
  • Dental Offices
  • Medical Clinics
  • Museums
  • Hospitals

International moving services

We are well equipped with the right supplies, tools, and equipment for a quality international move. No matter your destination; Europe, Asia, Europe, South America, or any other place around the globe, you can count on us for safe international relocation.

Storage services

We have spacious storage units to store your stuff securely and safely, which you can access whenever you need to. We understand that storage needs vary from one person to another. Therefore our storage services are personalized to meet your needs regardless of how small or big the items you need to store are.

Packaging services

We are multi-year winners of the Superior Packing Award by Atlas Van Lines. Therefore choosing us assures you of the safe packaging of all your breakable and other precious belongings. Please work with us and allow our well-experienced packers to do what would take you weeks to do! Packing your entire house in a maximum of two days!

Winter Moving and Storage Company awards

Winning the lifelong loyalty of our international and local moving customers is our most incredible pride. However, we are proud to be FMCSA approved and are honored by numerous awards we have received over the years. These awards recognize our high-quality services and innovative workplace practices. The awards include;

Superior Packing Awards

Superior Packing Awards is one of the most important awards in the moving industry. It is a sign that we take extra care of your belongings as our customers. With this award, you can be sure that we will handle your items carefully, have high-level professionalism, and offer you top-notch customer feedback for the services provided.

Hauling Excellence Award.

Winter Moving and Storage company is a fourteen-time award winner of the Hauling Excellence Award. We were given this award due to our diligence in handling a significant volume of household goods. Additionally, it was an appreciation in exhibiting excellent operations and registering at least 90% of positive reviews from our clients.

Milton M. Hill Quality Award

We are privileged to be a twelve-time winner of Atlas’ most prestigious honor, the Milton M. Hill Quality Award. This award signifies that we exceed Atlas standards in all quality criteria, from warehouse ratings, weight estimating accuracy, claims ratios, customer satisfaction ratings, and safety points.


Moving is one of the most critical and disruptive decisions a company or family can make. Therefore, it is vital to ensure that you get a positive and enjoyable moving experience by working with award-winning moving services providers like Winter Moving and Storage Company. We handle your move economically, efficiently, and with the least disruption. Contact us now for excellent moving, packaging, and storage services.


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