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Moving will prove much easier if you prepare ahead of time. It is a mistake to haphazardly toss all of your possessions into boxes, bags and other storage containers, load them onto a rental truck, and assume you will enjoy a seamless transition to your new digs. Your better course of action is to prepare well ahead of time, purchase the appropriate packing materials, and rely on Winter Moving and Storage for assistance with this massive logistical challenge. Let’s take a quick look at the most important packing materials you should have available in bulk before packing items for a move.

1. Load Up on the Packing Peanuts

An abundance of packing peanuts is necessary to ensure you make a safe and damage-free move. Packing peanuts should be placed below, above, and next to all items put into boxes for the pending move. This soft barrier is especially important for items that are oddly or unevenly shaped. Such items will not stack appropriately in moving boxes. Fail to fill your boxes with protective packing peanuts, and your possessions are bound to contact one another during the move, heightening the chances of a break or dent.

2. The Proper Boxes

It is a mistake to put your items into large garbage bags and assume they will hold up to the rigors of a move. It is also a mistake to use aged cardboard boxes that have been collecting dust in your basement or attic for months, years, or decades. Load up on moving boxes, lean on Winter Moving and Storage to pack them properly, and your move will prove that much easier. Ideally, you will have corrugated cardboard boxes of varying sizes to ensure all of your items can be safely protected and moved during this transition. Specialty boxes will also help safeguard your prized items. Lamp boxes, bib boxes, mattress boxes, file boxes, and wardrobe boxes are available for each of these unique items.

3. Marker Pens

At first glance, it might seem as though marker pens do not belong on this list. Though marker pens might not seem like traditional packing material, they will prove essential to an orderly move. Use fresh marker pens to label every box you pack. This way, you will be able to easily identify each box to ensure a fast and easy transition once you arrive at your new digs. Otherwise, you will forget which boxes contain specific items and have no idea which rooms they should be unloaded into.

4. Bubble Wrap

Bubble wrap will prove invaluable during your move. Bubble wrap protects fragile items ranging from fine china to vases and other valuable items that have the potential to break. Bubble wrap will also help safeguard over-sized picture frames and mirrors to boot.

5. Bags of Varying Types and Sizes

Some of your possessions should be placed in bags prior to placement in boxes. However, certain items are too large or oddly-shaped to fit into regular zip-lock bags or even garbage bags. Pick up bags of all different types and sizes prior to packing your belongings to ensure everything from your bedding to clothes is bagged for a safe and convenient move.

Contact Winter Moving and Storage for Help With Your Move

Wouldn’t it be nice if you had several helping hands available to facilitate your move? Winter Moving and Storage is ready and willing to provide this assistance and advice on the best packing materials to have on hand. We will help you make your move, provide you with as much storage as you need, and, ultimately, make it that much easier to transition to your new house or apartment in as seamless a manner as possible.

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