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Best 5 Ways To Protect Fragile Items During a Move | Winter Moving & Storage

If you are preparing for a move, you want to do whatever you can to protect your fragile items. From glass to ceramic, you likely own multiple items that can easily break if not taken care of properly. In order to protect all of your fragile items, here are five basic moving tips you should follow. 

1. Focus on Packaging

For starters, you can wrap each fragile item in some sort of cushioning, like bubble wrap. Then, around the bubble wrap, use old newspaper. The more layers of protection you offer, the better. If you are moving cups or bottles, you should invest in box separators designed for this kind of move. With everything securely placed into a box with the necessary dividers, add more packing material to fill the empty space. This can be in the form of packing peanuts or even bunched up socks and clothing. These softer items will absorb the shock of moving and prevent items from striking one another. 

2. Don’t Overpack

You will want to get as many items as possible in most boxes. After all, the fewer boxes you have in your moving truck the faster your move will go. However, with fragile items, you don’t want to overpack your boxes. Overpacking reduces the shock absorbing buffer between different packed objects. While you don’t want to leave empty space, which gives more space for your items to shift, overpacking will increase the chance of a fragile item striking another item or surface. It’s better to fill a box with additional cushioning than to cram additional items into the open space.  

3. Mark the Boxes

One of the biggest issues with moving is not marking your boxes. You need to know what is in each box as you’ll be able to handle each accordingly while moving and unpacking. When something fragile is inside, make sure to clearly identify the box as fragile and which side should face upwards. This will reduce unnecessary movement. You’ll also have a better idea of where to pack the box when putting it on the truck. 

4. Put Fragile Items on Top

When placing items into the moving truck, you want to place the sturdy, heavy boxes on the bottom, like those that have books or clothing in them. You should place fragile and lighter boxes on top. This way, you won’t have weight pressing down on any fragile items.

5. Pack Fragile Boxes Last

When going through the different moving tips you’ll want to keep this in mind. Whenever possible, pack the fragile items last. This way the boxes will not be sitting around in the moving truck. As always, handle with care.

It doesn’t matter if you’re planning a move across the country or around the block, you need to do what you can to protect your fragile items during a move. With the help of Winter Moving & Storage, you have access to a team of professionals who assist in moving every single day. If you want professional’s services, are looking for storage options or you want to know other moving tips to improve your upcoming move, all you need to do is give the team at Winter Moving & Storage a call. 

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