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A simple residential or commercial move within your current city or across town might seem manageable. Nonetheless, a long-distance move across the country or to a new city or country is entirely different. It is both an adventure and a hassle involving lots of packing up, driving or flying long distances, and saying goodbye to familiar surroundings.

The best long-distance moving company, Winter Moving & Storage, can ease moving by taking over the most challenging parts of your move. While there are many long-distance moving companies nowadays, you should carefully evaluate your options to avoid losses from lost luggage, broken items and exorbitant fees along with an overall nerve-racking experience. Winter Moving & Storage is the best choice for a long-distance move because of the aspects below.

Service area

While it might seem obvious, some moving companies will not offer their services across state lines. After all, moving goods across state lines is a huge project that only some companies can handle. Winter Moving & Storage Company is well-equipped for a long-distance move. If you are moving outside Arkansas, the company’s location, and about 50 miles of Bentonville, this is considered an international move. The company covers several service areas, even outside the U.S, so you are sure to find your destination among them.

Pricing and quote

Before settling on a company for your long-distance move, it is essential to know how much you would pay to avoid last-minute surprises. Some companies will not be willing to give you a quote for your move upfront so they can fleece you. Winter Moving & Storage offers a free estimate online to help you budget accordingly. Your quote is primarily based on the number of rooms, types of goods, and the distance of your move. The price is also influenced by the time of your move because moving off-season, typically from September to April, and on weekdays, is often cheaper. Remember that the online quote is only an estimate, so the company’s representatives will evaluate your goods and other aspects before giving you the final quote.

Insurance and licensing

All interstate moving companies should be adequately licensed by the Department of Transportation when they have met some federal regulations. Moreover, the companies should have liability insurance to compensate you if anything happens to your goods. This is very important, especially when moving highly valuable and delicate items. Winter Moving & Storage is adequately licensed by the Department of Transportation and has adequate insurance for all goods it handles.

Reviews and complaints

Companies can blow their trumpets and convince you that they are the best for your needs, but this might not always be the case. You need peers who have used the company’s services to give honest reviews. When you review peer comments on the services offered by Winter Moving & Storage, you will come across many happy clients explaining what they got in terms of pricing transparency, customer service, handling of items and interactions with movers. The company has even been awarded the Milton M. Hill Quality Award and the Hauling Excellence Award for its exceptional work. You will also notice that the company has adequately handled the few complaints you might come across.

From the above elements, you can appreciate that Winter Moving & Storage is your best choice for a long-distance move. Thankfully, the company also offers local moving, packing and storage services that will prove handy during your long-distance move as you might need to move some items across the street, store others and help with packing. This makes it a one-stop shop for all your moving needs. If you are looking for a hassle-free long-distance moving experience, get in touch with Winter Moving & Storage today.


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