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Moving your family to a new home in a different state or even abroad has many challenges. Emotionally detaching from your home is difficult, but getting everything ready to make your destination house a place you can call home is more complicated. While you have to slowly work your way through emotional detachment, sometimes with a psychotherapist, there are several ways of ensuring your destination house quickly becomes a home.

The article below will cover the common challenges a long-distance move presents and a few ways to overcome or prevent these challenges.

Packing for the Move

Naturally, you accumulate so much stuff when living in a house as you slowly try to make it as comfortable as possible. Packing these items to move them over long distances is quite tricky. You are uncertain how some irregularly-shaped items can be packed without damaging them or taking up too much space, and fragile items seem impossible to pack.

Thankfully, this challenge can be solved by hiring professional packers. Most experienced moving companies offer professional packing services. They come with specialized materials and expertise for packing for a long-distance move. Moreover, they will take extra precautions like shrink-wrapping furniture, packing fragile items in custom crates, and color-coding boxes to guarantee your items get to their destination intact.

Deciding What Is Moving

At times it is hard to decide what to move to your new home and what to leave behind, but it is crucial to do so before calling a moving company. The moving company’s quotations are based on the distance traveled and the inventory. This is unlike local moves that are often priced hourly. List everything you want to move to guarantee you pay the best price. You can decide what you want to sell, discard or donate at this time. The inventory list you put together will also prove handy when unpacking in your new home to ascertain that all items have been delivered.

Having a Delivery Window

In a long-distance move, you will often work with a delivery window. This means that the company will give you a range of dates within which you can expect the items delivered depending on distance and unforeseen issues on the road.

That way, you can plan how to operate before the goods arrive at your new home. You can stay in a hotel, at a friend’s house or take a vacation during this time. If you are in a time or cash crunch, some moving companies can significantly lower their delivery window or sometimes give guaranteed delivery dates, often at an extra cost.

Knowing the Specifics of Your Destination

In a long-distance move, some clients might have yet to inspect their new homes or take aspects like days a building allows move-ins or requirements like elevator reservation for the move.

If you have not yet inspected your new home to ascertain how it can affect different aspects of your move, try to get as much information as possible on anything that can affect your moving in. With this information, you can plan with the moving company what day to move, any special equipment needed to move appliances, and whether or not you need short-term storage for your items.

From the article above, you appreciate that a professional moving company solves most of your long-distance moving challenges. Despite several alternatives, Winter Moving & Storage is your best choice. This company in Northwest Arkansas can meet the unique needs of your move to guarantee a hassle-free move. Contact the company today for a free moving estimate and assistance to ease your long-distance move.


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