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Best Tips For a Garage Sale Before Moving

Are you ready to get rid of clutter before a move? Selling unused items in a garage sale is one of the best moving tips since it lets you get rid of unwanted items and at the same time make some money.

Here are the best tips for holding a garage sale before moving:

1. Make an inventory

Before advertising the sale, make a list of items you want to sell. Check to make sure things aren’t broken in such a way that they’re not fit for sale. Organize the items you want to sell and make an estimation of the prices. The price should be based on the value of the item. An inventory should include the name of the product and the estimated sale price.

2. Clean the garage

Clean the items and dispose of any items that aren’t worth selling or donating. If there is equipment in the garage in need of repair, take care of it before you start advertising. The organization is a vital part of any sale, so take your time in organizing the items. For example, lawn tools should be separated from household items so buyers can easily find them.

3. Research

In some states, it’s against the law to have a garage sale without a permit. Do your homework and ask around how you can host a garage sale without going against the law. If there is a permit needed, have it in plenty of time before the auction. Ask for an expert opinion to be on the safe side and avoid the chance of being fined.

4. Announce the sale

After deciding on the items, you’re ready to start advertising your garage sale. You can use posters, board signs, and newspaper ads, and also tell your friends to spread the message through word of mouth. You can also advertise your sale through different social media platforms. Your message should be clear and precise, give the directions to your home, the hours of the sale and means of communication for interested parties.

If you need moving tips and storage for your other items, contact Winter Moving and Storage Company for safekeeping. The company has a large warehouse where they can store your household goods and other equipment before you move. This service will give you peace of mind knowing your other goods are safe while you can host your garage sale.

5. Make the event welcoming

Planning a sale for second-hand items is stressful if you’re not comfortable with greeting people, making small talk, and negotiating prices. Ask for help from your family and friends, separating items into different categories and having someone in every group addressing the customers.

Bottom Line

Moving with the help of a trustworthy moving and storage company takes much of the stress out of your move. Contact Winter Moving & Storage today for moving tips and help with moving and/or storage to help the process proceed much more smoothly.

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