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Cleaning After a Move | Winter Moving & Storage

You’ve packed your items, de-cluttered the garage, hired Winter Moving & Storage to help with the move, and signed your documents. Now what? Cleaning fully before you move out is beneficial to both parties, particularly if your security fee is involved.

Note that it’s easy to overlook move-out cleaning. And besides, you have far much-pressing issues, liking settling into the new apartment or home. Several moving companies offer flexible move-out and move-in cleaning services that help you settle into the new home. The skilled house cleaners are ready to help you if you require to clean the full house or simply a few items on the checklist.

Moving-Out Cleaning Guide for Renters

If you’re a tenant, tidying before you leave is essential to recouping the security deposit and avoiding a service charge from the landlord or property management firm. Understand what the objectives are before you begin scrubbing. Some contracts may indicate upfront expenses if the house isn’t adequately cleaned before moving out if management provides their housekeeping list. The following are the fundamental cleaning requirements for moving out.

Cleaning Tips

From top to bottom, everything should be spotless.

Dust surfaces higher up in a room, such as shelves or ceiling fans, before washing the lower surfaces, such as flooring, as they recommend for the regular cleaning regimen. That you, it’s hard to waft dust onto just-cleaned places.

Work in stages.

Cleaning the entire space in one go may be intimidating, based on the scale of the space. Begin with the rooms you’ll be using the least from now until the move-out day, including a guest room, and split it up into blocks of time.

Allow for cleaning at the last minute.

If you clean ahead of time, some things, such as the restroom, will need to be cleaned before you depart. Keep in mind that you’ll most likely have to sweep up any dust bunnies left behind once the furniture is hauled out.

Remove ceiling Cobwebs

You may have neglected to clean your ceiling during the lease, but ensure to do it before leaving. You can remove cobwebs with the use of a vacuum or broom.  Is your ceiling covered in popcorn? You can remove cobwebs and dust by rolling a moist high-nap paint roller across the ceiling. It will not, like a sweeper, knock down parts of the popcorn coating.

Window Cleaning

Wash the windows with a glass or window cleaner. To prevent streaks, splash the mixture onto the glass and wipe immediately with a lint-free fabric. If the windows have moving tracks, dust the knobs, latches, and between the paths.

Dust Curtains

Take an old pair of socks and slip one on your foot like a glove. (Believe it when we say this cleaning tip works!) To clean the blinds, soak them in water till it’s wet, then rub your hand through each rung. This procedure is very effective for cleaning heaters.

Remove all nails and patch walls.

While the wall art looked excellent for a while, it’s time to repaint your walls. To repair your wall, use industrial putty and decorate using the same color as the wall (the landlord may give this) to restore the initial color. Be sure to use a putty knife to apply the product properly.

It’s hard enough to move without cleaning your old or new apartment. Hiring a cleaning company and leaving the dirty job to their pros rather than doing your move-out and move-in cleanings. The cleaning services are adaptable to the size of the home and the cleaning you require.

They also provide free quotes, so you know what is expected and can avoid any surprises. With the qualified professionals providing move-in and move-out cleaners, you can concentrate on making sure that the rest of your relocation runs smoothly.


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