When it Comes to International Moving, Our Expertise is Unsurpassed.

“Statistically, moving is rated as one of the top five most stressful life situations. Everyone on our team from office to field personnel understand this and strive not only to provide top-quality service, but also meet the needs and concerns of each individual.” John Winter, President of Winter Moving & Storage

Moving is a complicated process, exponentially so when your future home is in another country. For most of us, just the thought of packing up and moving is enough to make us shake out a couple of aspirin and plead for Calgon to take us away — preferably somewhere that doesn’t involve or require moving of any kind.

Logistics and Limits

If you’re the brave soul that’s in charge of things for the Big Move, whether it’s your office or your family, you’re probably on the verge of losing your mind trying to think of everything involved in the intricate process of international moving, right? Don’t get down on yourself for feeling overwhelmed because international moving IS overwhelming. You’ve got a monster task lisk to achieve and a million questions to answer, like:

  • Who can I trust to help me, essentially, move my whole life (and/or business) thousands of miles away?
  • Will I need to make separate arrangements for moving everything in to the new place, once everything (IF everything) gets there? …Oh no, what if I can’t find a company that speaks English??
  • Are there rules or restrictions with regard to freight for international moving? Size? Weight? Material?

…Oh no, will I be questioned under hot lights by some government agent because the water bottle in my carry-on is 2 ounces over the limit??

  • Do I need special packing materials? OMG. Can I get special packing help from somebody? Please?

And of course…

  • (*gulp*)  How much…? Time? Money? Years I’ll age in stress?

Questions and concerns like these are likely the reason that international moving is not a popular entry on anyone’s list of “Favorite Things To Do – Ever.”

Customs-izing Your Paperwork

International moving often means dealing with U.S. Customs, and, just a little heads up – Customs agents tend to think everyone has nefarious motives. Their chosen form of punishment for the nefarious masses? Paperwork. Lots of paperwork.

The Silver Lining

Fortunately for good folks like you, international moving doesn’t have to be such a nightmare, not with Winter Moving & Storage (“WMS”) in your corner. WMS has over 40 years of industry excellence notched on its belt and a well-deserved reputation for putting its customers’ needs first. Did I mention that 2016 makes 13 consecutive years that WMS has received the prestigious Milton M. Hill Quality Award for Hauling Excellence?

We’re Here to Help

Look no further, we’ve got your back.

WMS knows the ropes, understands the lingo and will be at your side from start to finish in your international moving odyssey. We can answer any questions and will do our very best to address any concerns that you, your family, and/or your team may have at every phase of the process.

Oh, and don’t worry about the piles of paperwork, we’ve got you covered. We diligently maintain our reputation and relationships with U.S. and foreign authorities and we know what forms to fill out and file, where and when to file them, and who to talk to if there are any issues with them.

WMS offers a full suite of services that we’ll tailor to your specific needs, making international moving – and your life – a lot less complicated than it would be otherwise.

Come visit us for a free estimate and useful moving assistance!


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