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Common Mistakes Made When Moving | Northwest Arkansas

With so much going on during each move, it’s no wonder that moving mistakes are so widespread. Common or not, though, they can still be avoided with a little extra care. These four pitfalls are easy to fall into, but stay on the lookout for them and you can avoid many expensive and inconvenient problems.

Hiring the Wrong Truck

Never just guess at what size of moving truck you need! This is among the most critical moving mistakes and could potentially cost you a lot of money. If hire a truck that is too small, you might end up with a situation where the vehicle is fully loaded yet a third of your house is still on the sidewalk. Conversely, hiring a vehicle that is too big will mean both wasting money and running the risk of damage when your items jostle around in transit. You can circumvent this by making a complete inventory of all your possessions in advance (including projected numbers of boxes and estimated sizes of larger loose items like furniture) and calculating the approximate number of square feet you need in your truck before committing to a rental.

Packing Too Much In Each Box

Cramming as much as you can into a single box might seem like a great plan to save space, but it’s a short-sighted move at best. People have to move those boxes, after all. If you can barely lift one when it’s full packed, you’re leaving yourself and your movers at the risk of straining your backs or even sustaining more permanent injuries. It is the responsibility of the packer to make sure this doesn’t happen, so make sure to include a balanced ratio of light and heavy items in each container so everyone can stay safe. Aim for less than 20 kilograms of total weight in each.

Failure to Notify Anyone

If you’re moving, certain people and institutions need to know. When you tell no one, all kinds of bills, important documents and personal correspondence will continue to be sent to your previous address, making it much more likely that they will be lost. At a minimum, your bank, your workplace and your local government offices should be informed of your new address – and don’t forget about any friends and family who send you occasional letters or holiday cards! This is one of the most easily missed moving mistakes, but it’s also very easy to prevent. Set up a reminder for yourself on your phone or calendar at least two weeks before your moving date to make sure you get this done.

Inappropriate Labelling

It’s easy to lose track of or forget items in a process as complicated as a move. Thankfully, proper labeling practices will cut down on these hassles immensely. Make a list of the items you are putting in each box, then number each box and label it by room. This will save you time when unpacking, reduce the chance of items being mishandled and broken, and ensure that the movers don’t leave any of your belongings behind.

Moving is an activity that demands extensive planning in advance, even when you’re only going a short distance. To avoid the basic moving mistakes that trip up the unaware, you’ll need to put in a lot of time and effort to do research and organize properly. If you’re worried you might not be up to that challenge, though, hiring a professional moving company can take this part of the duties off your plate. In that case, consider contacting Winter Moving now to begin making arrangements for a hassle-free move you can enjoy!

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