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Common Moving Mistakes | Choose a Professional Moving Company

Packing up your life belongings and moving to a new residence can be quite an adventure. Whether it will be a fun and exciting exploit or a stressful and miserable affair depends on the degree of forethought you put into the actual relocation process. An enjoyable move is achievable with planning, creativity, and a reliable moving company.

A “fun move” often sounds like an impossible feat, but it’s not. With Winter Moving & Storage, you have the best odds of dodging common stressors like broken valuables or lost luggage. Read on to learn about four common mistakes and how to sidestep them to make your next move a breeze.

Not Hiring Professional Movers

Do-it-yourself projects offer a great way to get the job done and save some money. Unfortunately, it’s easy for something to go wrong if you depend solely on your truck and elbow grease. First, moving expenditures can quickly get out of hand. Secondly, improper packing, handling, and transportation of your valuables can leave you counting massive losses.

One of the worst blunders you can make is failing to hire professional movers. The ideal experts must be certified, experienced, insured, well-equipped, and licensed to do business within your area. Your efforts in finding trusted professionals will dramatically lower your risk of suffering losses during the move.

Failing To Declutter Early In Advance

If you keep your interiors well-organized, it’s easy to underestimate the quantity and weight of your possessions. This is a common mistake that can deprive you of a favorable moving estimate. It is essential to set aside adequate time to sort your stuff and decide what you want to keep, throw, donate, or sell.

Decluttering is a time-intensive process. Make sure you have sufficient time to go through each room and only keep the items you need. Furthermore, early decluttering allows you to plan a convenient date for a yard or garage sale before the relocation day.

Packing Too Late or Too Early

It is perfectly normal to feel overly excited by the prospects of starting a new life in a new home. Unfortunately, this can lead to another common mistake of packing too early. Constantly unpacking your boxes to retrieve essential everyday items can quickly drain away the delight of relocating.

Moreover, underestimating the time-consuming nature of the packing process can have equally adverse effects. It’s easy to get overwhelmed if you feel rushed as moving day approaches.

The easiest way to avoid unwarranted stress is to let the experts handle the packing process. You’ll breathe easier knowing they’ll use the right packing materials and techniques to prevent damage to your valuables. Whether it’s choosing bubble wraps for breakables or adding extra furniture padding, the professionals will ensure your property gets to your new home in one piece.

Forgetting To Create a Moving Checklist

Moving day, especially at the peak of the moving process, is anything but fun. Although a positive attitude can add some cheer to the occasion, it takes some forethought to ensure things don’t get overly chaotic.

A simple to-do list can help maintain order and better your odds of enjoying a smooth and positive relocation experience. You’ll merely need to check off items or things to do from your list until you do your final walk through your empty apartment.

Whether you are relocating down the block or to a new town, avoiding the above mistakes is a surefire way to ensure things go as planned. Remember to prepare well, stay calm and take the necessary precautions to prevent potential property damage. If you need reliable help and assurance of a positive relocation adventure, contact Winter Moving & Storage today.


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