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Common Myths About Using Professional Movers | Winter Moving & Storage

You have probably heard the rumors about why you shouldn’t hire a professional moving company. These myths are unfounded and have no basis in truth. Here are several of the more common myths about professional moving companies:

  • Myth: It is cheaper to move yourself- You will need to buy supplies such as packing materials and pay to rent a truck. There may also be lost pay from missing work. Many people underestimate the time and money it takes to prepare for a move. These costs can add up dramatically and break your budget. Finding friends and relatives to help with the move is another problem. It is extremely hard to assemble everyone for a move at the same time. All these factors can add up to costing the same or more than hiring a professional moving company.
  • Myth: All moving companies are trying to scam you- This myth is heard for many industries. The solution is to do your research before signing an agreement. Check the Better Business Bureau, check reviews from former clients, look for experience level, and years in business, just as you would for and any service. There are many legitimate companies that provide great service and charge fair prices.
  • Myth: Your belongings will be damaged or lost- While there is always a possibility of this, certified moving companies have very few cases of damaged and missing items. Making sure you have enough insurance to cover all your belongings will ensure you get relaxed sleep during this time. There is a equal or better chance of damaged belongings if you move yourself because of improper packing. You cannot watch all your helpers during the move and so the risk is higher than having a professional handle the move.
  • Myth: The stress level is high- A professional moving company will know the time involved in the moving process so you don’t waste time trying to remember all the details. As long as you start early and meet with the company allowing for plenty of time before the move, there will be a minimum of stress. You can read over the contract and discuss any questions or concerns before moving day.
  • Myth: Schedule your move on a weekend- This is the busiest time for moving companies. It is much better to move on a weekday. If it is necessary to schedule your move on a weekend, make arrangements in advance to ensure you can find a day that will be acceptable to everyone.
  • Myth: You still have to pack up all your belongings yourself- This depends on the contract with your moving company. There are companies that will give you the option of packing yourself or it can be done for you. Some moving contracts include labeling the boxes and taking inventory.
  • Myth: All items are covered by moving insurance- All reputable moving companies will explain what is covered by moving insurance. Check into a third-party insurer to compare insurance prices.

The bottom line of having a smooth move is to do your research. Most moving companies are honest and charge fair prices, but you might find a significant difference in prices and services. Winter Moving and Storage located in Bentonville, Arkansas is an award-winning moving agency. Partnering with Atlas Van Lines, Winter Moving and Storage has been proudly serving clients since 1979. We can handle local moves, cross-country moves, or around the world relocation. Our experienced movers are happy to answer all your questions and concerns. Contact Winter Moving and Storage soon for a stress-free move!


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