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Despite being the hottest time of the year, summer is the most popular season for moving. School kids are on break and the weather tends to be clear. It is no wonder that professional movers are in high demand during summer.

Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that you will have a smooth move, unless you work with a professional mover, such as Winter Moving & Storage. Below are some do’s and don’ts of summer moving to ease your move.

Do’s for Moving in Summer

  1. Book A Professional Mover in Advance

Moving during the summer is hectic–whether midweek or weekend. Therefore, if you plan on moving in the summer, ensure you inform your mover and schedule the move in advance.

  1. Start the Move Early in the Day

Aim for an early start to beat the intense summer heat. The earlier you start your move, the more comfortable the process will move. Consider a professional mover that can accommodate your early morning move.

  1. Pack Slow and Carefully

Packing haphazardly and in a rush increases the likelihood of making a mistake. Avoid rushing while packing your belongings.

If possible, start the packing process days or weeks before the actual moving day. Have a packing checklist to ensure you pack items in the correct containers and don’t miss anything.

You can also rely on professional packers from Winter Moving & Storage to pack your belongings on your behalf.

  1. Remain Hydrated

Most people struggle with dehydration, especially during summer which can worsen the situation. Your chances of dehydration increase the more you’re busy with the sorting and packing activities for your summer move. Ensure you drink sufficient water to stay hydrated, especially on the move day.

  1. Store Your Perishable Items Properly

Whether it’s items or food that could suffer damage from extended exposure to heat, ensure you devise a plan to store your perishable goods in a cool place.

Don’ts of Moving in Summer

  1. Don’t Forget to Transfer Your Utilities

Have you set up your new home yet? The first and most important things to set up in your home include your water and air conditioning utilities, especially during summer. Ensure you have the utilities registered in your name and are in good working condition.

  1. Don’t Wait for the Last Minute

Waiting for the last minute to arrange your move can be disorienting, let alone financially strenuous. You may have to deal with the long wait for an available mover. In addition, available movers might charge you an arm and leg to take advantage of the increased demand for movers.

  1. Don’t Underestimate How Long the Moving Can Be

Ensure you start packing items you may not need for a while far in advance of the actual moving day. More importantly, if you’re planning to move in the summer, start interviewing movers to settle on the best choice and ease the process on the actual moving day.

  1. Don’t Neglect Your Kids and Pets

Pets and kids need extra attention when moving, especially during summer. Ensure your kids are wearing sunscreen and are dressed appropriately for the weather. Your pets should also be in a cool environment throughout the move.

Bottom Line

More importantly, don’t become a victim to dishonest movers who take advantage of the increased demand for movers to scam clients. Winter Moving and Storage is a professional moving company available to assist with your move regardless of the season. Contact us to schedule your next move and any other related services this summer.

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