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You may think packing to move your office to another location is easy. However, even short-distance business moves are not as easy as they seem. Moving offices is a marathon that includes skillful packing, and involves high-level expertise and professionalism to guarantee bespoke furniture, fragile, and specialized items arrive at the new site intact and fit for purpose.

Moving offices can be overwhelming whether you are moving a one-person operation or a multi-story site for a large number of personnel. A team of reputable professionals like Winter Moving & Storage can run the move for you while you manage your day-to-day business. To highlight how a team of qualified relocation professionals can ease your office relocation process, we’ve highlighted six key areas for your consideration:

Professional Project Management

Moving your office isn’t the same as moving your home, it’s not a do-it-yourself operation. Your business will benefit from using relocation professionals with specialist experience. The team will do an on-site visit to determine the scope of your move, and provide an accurate quote based on the services your business needs. This may include disassembling furniture, crating technical equipment, boxing supplies, and unpacking everything, in addition to hauling items from one site to the other.

Add an In-House Expert

Appointing a move manager or coordinator from your staff allows for a collaborative approach to the move. This individual will coordinate with the office relocation professionals throughout the moving process. Everything from the order of packing to the timing of deliveries at the new site can be agreed upon and streamlined for a smooth moving experience with appropriate coordination between an internal manager and your professional relocation experts.

Prepare Properly

A successful move starts with planning. When you grant your office relocation project to Winter Moving & Storage, your staff are guided through the relocation planning process. Your movers help build a realistic schedule, allowing for flexibility where possible and last-minute changes as needed. Staff is given detailed information to guarantee their deadlines and daily routines are minimally impacted by the disruption an office relocation may cause.

Essential IT Coordination

IT systems are delicate, and can be the most complicated part of a relocation, which is why office relocation professionals take IT seriously. Your IT department needs to plan to:

  • Disconnect/reconnect telecoms systems;
  • Take servers offline;
  • Get servers back online; and,
  • Backup/restore vital databases, documents, etc.

Your IT team should also examine the new office environment to determine the necessary infrastructure upgrades in anticipation of the move. This allows you to seamlessly settle into your new office and minimizes your post-move downtime and resume normal business operations as quickly as possible.

Pack Smart

Employees should pack their office belongings themselves. Good, professional movers will provide boxes for employees to pack their desk items. This is easily done in a few hours the week prior to the move. Label boxes on all sides with employee names and details of contents for easy identification and unpacking. This makes it easy to coordinate with floor plans created with your movers.

Update Your Address

It seems obvious, but changing your address is easily overlooked. Notify your clients and vendors; update your website, business cards, and other stationery; and file a postal change of address.

When your business needs to move, you can trust that Winter Moving & Storage has the specialized experience to manage your office relocation. When you trust experienced office relocation professionals, you minimize the potential for problems. You decide which services your business needs and your movers help shift the existing workplace environment to your new space for a fresh start.

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