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Choosing the right company can save you from the stress and hassle of dealing with property loss and damages. Ensure you settle for a reputable company that will compensate you in case of property loss. Having a smooth move will depend on the competence and dedication of the movers you choose to hire. Make sure you take your time to do background checks so you don’t end up being the victim of a scam. Check if Better Business Bureau accredits the company.

1. Referrals

Even though we live in an information era and the internet is a resourceful entity, finding the best moving company online can be daunting. If your moving date is just around the corner, consider asking for recommendations from friends and family. Getting recommendations from someone you know personally is more reassuring than looking up companies online. If you are working with a real estate agent, they could also refer you to a reputable moving company. Real estate agents have working relationships with moving companies so you can be assured of a good recommendation.

2. Narrow Down

It is advisable to get quotes from three or more different companies and then settle for the one that offers the best deal. Have all companies come over for an in-person estimate? Estimates are more accurate when movers see the stuff you need to be moved. Ensure you understand the estimate so they don’t charge you too much.

3. Red Flags

When you notice any red flags, consider looking for another company. Ignoring warning signs could result in loss of property or worse. These are cases of fraud that have been reported before, and even though it is rare, it could happen. Avoid paying cash deposits before the move is complete. When movers you are working with insist on getting money upfront, chances are they are not running a legal business. Also look out for professionalism. How the customer support team treats you will help you determine if they are professionals or not. Mannerism can easily give away a fraud. Genuine moving companies are usually punctual, and they ensure they cater to all your needs. Moving companies should have all the tools and equipment they need to safely and adequately facilitate a move. Be wary of companies that use rented moving cars.

4. License and Insurance

Whether yours is an in-state or an out-of-state move, always make sure the moving company you are working with is licensed and insured. This will come in handy in case you want to file a claim against the company. Check with a local customer affairs agency to find out details about the company you’d like to hire. Checking for accreditation from BBB is also necessary as you look for the right moving company. The company should be listed on BBB and have good ratings. Professional certification from trade associations is an added advantage. Trade associations vet moving companies before they are granted membership.


Finding the right moving company allows you to have a smooth experience. Make sure to verify the address of the moving company you hire by looking it up on their website or asking for a business card. Genuine moving companies should do an in-house moving inventory before giving you an estimate of how much the move will cost you. Contact Winter Moving and Storage for more information about our moving services and to get a free estimate today!


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