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How To Have a Moving Sale | Moving Tips from Winter Moving & Storage

One advantage of moving is that it is the perfect time to declutter. Since you have to go through everything in your house while packing, it is best to sort through your belongings and separate trash from treasure.

If you find that you have accumulated a lot of stuff throughout the years and you want to get rid of them, a moving sale is an ideal option. Not only does it allow you to get rid of some possessions that you no longer need while making a couple of extra bucks, but it also saves you money by not paying for transporting a bunch of unnecessary and unwanted items. So, without further ado, let us look into tips on how to have a successful moving sale.

Create an inventory

Similar to a brick-and-mortar store, you want to maintain an inventory of all the items you will have in your moving sale. It will help you stay organized before and during the moving sale. Go through all your items and choose all the things that do not serve a purpose in your life anymore but can still make somebody else’s life better.

Determine the prices

Evaluate the condition of all your items and determine their prices in an easy-to-see location. You could check the price of similar items on the internet to get an estimate of their value.

You can also visit a few garage sales or second-hand shops in your locality to find and compare the prices. It is also advisable to put similar items or units together instead of putting an individual price on each of them.

Categorize your items

Another way to organize your items for a moving sale is by creating categories by arranging the things according to type. For instance, you can put tools in one place, kitchen utensils in another, and sporting gear on the other end. When it comes to clothes, you can hang them on a rack or clotheslines for easier viewing. Remember to keep the space you intend to use for the moving sale as organized as possible.

Invite friends/family to help

Organizing and holding a moving sale does not have to be a stressful event before your actual move. By enlisting the help of a few family members and close friends, they will help you sort through your belongings quicker and look through your things with a more objective eye.

They will also help you get rid of those hidden accessories shoved under your bed and tucked in your closet. If your kids are old enough, get them involved as well.

On the day of the sale, assign everyone a responsibility, like an organizer, cashier, or clerk, to ease the sale process. It is also crucial to have someone check through the inventory as the sale is ongoing to ensure no one is changing the price or people are not paying for the items.

Advertise creatively

There are several ways that you can advertise your moving sale. Whether through a newspaper ad, an online promotion, posting to social media marketplaces, or simply putting a sign on the road, you have to ensure that you get the word out to as many people as possible.

Give as much information about the sale, like the kind of items you will sell or available payment options, so that the customers know what to expect. Do not forget to state the exact location, time, and date for the sale.

Donate the items you do not sell

It is common to hope that everything sells during your moving sale. However, if this does not happen, you have to decide what to do with the unsold items. If you have friends that were eyeing specific things from your moving sale, now would be the perfect time to gift them with these items.

You could also find non-profit organizations that accept donations of the types of items you have remaining from your sale. Once you find the nonprofit, box up everything that did not sell and either drop it off or call them to come and pick up the items.


Before holding a successful moving sale, be sure to prepare adequately. Organize everything you want to sell smartly and put the word out that you are having a garage sale. Also, remember to have fun during the sale and not let it stress you out. Take time to have fun and create lifelong memories with your family and friends.


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