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How To Make Moving Fun For The Whole Family | Winter Moving

Moving does not have to be a drag. Plan ahead, and your move will prove fun for the entire family. Let’s take a look at a few tips that will show you how to make your upcoming moving fun and that much more enjoyable :

Turn on the Music

Put on some family-friendly music, and your little ones will be that much more motivated to pitch in during your preparation for the move. Choose some upbeat songs and turn up the volume so everyone in the house will have that much more energy when packing.

Let your kids choose some of the songs, so they are motivated to participate in the moving prep. It will also help to select songs with moving themes to make the moving process that much more spirited for the entire family.

Create a Memory Book

Have everyone in the family contribute to a memory book. This book can be filled with photos of the home, family members, friends, and other special memories from your time in the house.

Creating a memory book will help bring your family that much closer together as you prepare to transition to your new digs.

Pack a Family Treasure Box

Of all the moving tips, this is the most important as it makes moving prep quite enjoyable. Designate a large box as a treasure box that your kids can decorate. This treasure box should be packed with all of the items your kids will want to use during the move.

The treasure box provides your little ones with immediate access to their favorite toys and other niceties during the trip to their new house. Even if you’re moving just 10-20 minutes away, it still makes sense to pack a family treasure box as it will make it that much easier for your little ones to say goodbye to their old home.

Look for Kids in the New Neighborhood

Guide your kids through your new neighborhood, looking for signs of other little ones. Anything from a toy in the front yard to tire swings, trikes, basketball hoops, and beyond are signs kids are in the area. Take your kids shopping for some new play equipment that you can leave in the front yard as a sign to let everyone know new kids have moved into the neighborhood.

If your kids are shy, help them break the ice with other youngsters you spot in the neighborhood. This way, your kids will have something to look forward to during what might be a stressful move.

Let Your Little Ones Spearhead the Packing Process

Give your kids some control over the packing process, and they’ll feel that much better about the move. After all, your kids likely feel powerless since they didn’t choose to move and may feel as though they have little to look forward to.

Let your kids choose the order in which items will be packed. This little bit of control really will help your kids feel as though they have at least a small amount of influence during the moving process. More importantly, it will give them something to do rather than focus on all the negatives involved with changing homes.

Throw a Moving Party

Moving has the potential to prove quite depressing, especially for your kids. After all, a move puts an end to some friendships and forces the kids to enroll in a new school and adjust to a new living space.

This is the perfect opportunity to throw a party. Order some food, turn up the music, and try to enjoy the packing process. Your moving fun party really will help your kids view the upcoming move in a much more positive light.

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