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If you’re planning a move, then it’s a good idea to hire a professional moving company like Winter Moving & Storage. Professional movers are trained to properly lift, carry, and move heavy items, such as furniture. You’ll especially want to hire a moving service if you have a large aquarium that needs to be moved. Trying to move an aquarium on yourself is a recipe for disaster: not only is there a good chance that you’ll break it, but you could hurt yourself as well. With that in mind, the following are a few tips on how to move your aquarium:

  1. Remove fish from aquarium: If there are any fish in your tank, then make sure that you remove them prior to draining the tank. You can do this by netting each fish out of the tank and transferring them to a holding container.
  2. Remove the water: Once you’ve removed your fish, you can drain the water from the tank.
  3. Clean your aquarium’s filter: Cleaning the filter well will allow it to dry thoroughly and prevent mold from growing on it while your tank is being moved or while it’s in storage.
  4. Disconnect all equipment: Make sure to disconnect the equipment from your filter, heater, and other devices. Some filters may be difficult to remove because they’re connected with suction cups or aquarium clips. If this is the case, then you can try soaking them in hot water until they release.
  5. Turn off your tank’s power strip: Make sure that the electronic equipment powering your tank is turned off and unplugged. The last thing you want is to have your tank’s power supply malfunctioning during the move.
  6. Cover your aquarium: You’ll want to purchase a cover of some sort that will fit over your tank. This way, when you move it, you can slip the cover on top of it and prevent dust or other particles from getting inside your water.
  7. Pack your aquarium: Put the base of your aquarium into a box and secure it with straps or packaging tape. The goal is to make sure that the tank doesn’t rattle around during transport, which could result in damage.
  8. Use moving blankets to pad your aquarium: Finally, you’ll want to place some bubble wrap or moving blankets around and on top of your aquarium. This will help to protect it from bumping into things during transport and prevent possible scratches. If you have any leftover straps from securing your tank, then use those as well to further secure it in the moving box.

Depending on the size of the aquarium, packing it yourself may be too difficult. In this case, a moving service can help pack it to ensure that it’s protected during the move. However, you should still remove your fish, drain the water, and clean the aquarium so that it’s ready to be moved once the movers arrive. To schedule a move or to request a free estimate, reach out to us at Winter Moving & Storage today.

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