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The last thing you want when moving is to arrive at your new destination, open up your boxes, and find the shattered remains of your valuable items. You need to take extra care in packing these items, spending extra time, and investing in a few additional resources to help get the job done. To help, here are a few tips on how to properly pack your most fragile items and breakables before a move.

1. Tape Up The Bottom Of Your Box

Don’t skimp on packing tape for your box. Make sure to use a few extra layers of tape on the bottom in particular. You’ll want to tape up every opening, as you don’t want the bottom of the box to give while it is being moved.

2. Line the Box

Each time you open a new box to pack, line the base, walls, and top of the box with something cushioned. Packing bubbles or bubble wrap work extremely well, though they may be costly to purchase. You can save some money by keeping any packing materials that might be shipped to you and then reusing those materials later.

You can also use classic packing peanuts, but these are not as easily recyclable nor as environmentally friendly as the bubbles and should be a secondary option only. In a pinch, you can use wadded up newspaper or even clothing. However, don’t just fold the clothing – bunch it up. You want it to be padded but still have some give to it as this helps absorb some of the shocks of movement.

3. Label Your Box

Make sure to label your breakable boxes clearly. Picking up some tape labeled with the words “Breakable” or “Fragile” works because everyone knows to be careful when they see those long yellow bands. If that’s not in your budget or you can’t find any, just write on the box with markers, paint, or whatever other highly visible mediums you have available. Whatever you decide to use, just make sure it is easy to read and see from every angle.

4. Wrap Each Item Individually

You will want to pack each item on its own. Wrap each of the breakables in bubble wrap or cover each picture frame with air bubbles as well, and use paper towels or other soft household materials if you run low. You don’t want the physical surface of one item to touch the physical surface of another. It doesn’t matter how well you pack up the box: if two glass items are touching it is almost certain that one of the items will break. The more layers of protection each item has from those surrounding it, the better. The few dollars you spend upfront on padding will keep you from needing to replace broken items after the move is complete.

5. Don’t Over-Pack

Don’t try to stuff too many items into a single box. A semi-snug fit is ideal because you don’t want the items to shift around in transit, but cramming in too much will backfire on you. Doing so increases the strain on everything inside the box, which may increase the chance of damage to your breakables.

Moving Help With Winter Moving & Storage

Moving can be stressful. With so much on your plate, you may feel overwhelmed. Wherever you are going and however much time you have to pack, our staff here at Winter Moving & Storage is here to help.

If you would like professional assistance with packing your valuable breakables or would like someone to expertly pack your truck and drive it to the final destination, our staff is here for you. Feel free to reach out and contact us at your earliest convenience; we’re just a phone call away.

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