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How To Prepare Your Children For A Move | Winter Moving & Storage

Moving has the potential to take a significant toll on your kids.  Some kids simply cannot come to grips with leaving all that is familiar behind and segueing to new digs.  Others will cry incessantly all the way through the move and continue pouting for weeks after the transition is complete.  However, you are not powerless as a parent.  Follow the advice set forth below and your children will be that much better prepared for a move.

Help Your Child Make New Friends

Moving to a new location will prove that much easier if your child has at least one friend in the new neighborhood.  Take a drive around the block of your new location to get an idea of where the kids live.  Introduce your child to the neighborhood kids so he or she knows kids of the same age are in the area and willing to establish new friendships.  These friendships really will help make the move to the new location that much more tolerable.  In fact, your child might even look forward to the move as it provides the opportunity to establish new relationships.

Involve Your Child in the Packing

You don’t have to pack every single thing for your move but you can pack a couple things.  Involve your child in the packing process and he or she will start to understand it is time to close the door on the old and look forward to the new.  This is the essential closure your little one needs to make a complete transition to the new home.  Let our packing and moving specialists handle packing and transporting the large stuff, involve your child in the comparably small packing projects and you will find the transition proves that much easier.

Fill the new Home With Familiar Objects

Add familiar objects to your new home and your child will feel that much more comfortable.  Even if you merely add your child’s favorite toys along with a couple pieces of art or home décor from your old place, doing so will calm your child’s nerves and give him or her a valuable sense of comfort.  After all, it is the small stuff that matters the most.  As an example, the nuances of your child’s bedding should be exactly the same as they were at your prior home.  Make sure the new living space looks as similar as possible to the old and your child won’t feel nearly as stressed out.

Throw a Moving Party

You can put a positive spin on the move by holding a party at your home.  As long as your kids are involved in the party, this event will create lasting memories.  Order pizza, put on the music and start packing.

Let Your Kids Vent About the Move

Give your children the opportunity to vent their frustration about the pending move.  Let your kids know it is perfectly acceptable to be sad, nervous and frustrated.  However, you should also make it known there is a flip side to the move in that your kids will have the opportunity to establish new friendships and embark on a new adventure.

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