How To Properly Pack Your Home Decor for a Long Distance Move | Winter Moving

Packing your home décor the right way for a long distance move helps ensure that nothing is broken or damaged. Working with a professional moving company can guarantee you get expert help in packing and labeling your valued pieces. With an able and dedicated team, you get advice on the best way your décor should be packed.

Finding the right supplies from the beginning speeds up the packing process. Different décor pieces should be kept in different boxes depending on their weight and size. Heavy and large pieces should be stored in durable boxes that will not rip during transportation.

Preparing for a move beforehand keeps you organized so you don’t forget to pack something. Working with a checklist helps you track the packing process, maintaining order and functionality before the moving date. By avoiding last-minute packing, you ensure everything is packed the right way.

Tips on How to Pack Home Décor

When you are moving long distance, always make sure the boxes you use to pack décor are fresh and durable. Recycling boxes might cause damages as they may rip or tear. With the right supplies and right-sized boxes, your décor is guaranteed to arrive safe and undamaged. The boxes you use should be sealable so that nothing you store inside them fall out during transportation.

Adding insulation makes sure that that contents of any box do not rattle and bump into each other. Work with professional moving cartons as they are durable enough to keep your décor pieces safe for the long journey.

1. Packing LED Lights

Packing and storing LED lights the right way protects them from damage so you can continue to use them when you settle in your new home. LED lights should be kept untangled and well folded so the wires don’t get knotted. LED light strips should be handled with care as they are light and delicate. Find a separate box for them instead of stuffing them into a box that already has other things inside. For short LED lights, properly fold and keep them in plastic bags that are waterproof. Have them placed in labeled boxes for easy unpacking.

2. Frames and Mirrors

Make sure you handle breakable items with care for a long distance move. Use pipe insulation to protect the edges of frames and mirrors. Don’t use tape on the surface of framed pictures as this will leave taping marks that are hard to remove. Use wrapping paper to cover frames and place them vertically in a right-sized box. Make sure not to overload any box, keeping them at a manageable weight.

3. Heavy Décor Pieces

If you have sculptures and any other heavy décor pieces, use strong, durable moving boxes. Line the carton with wadding paper to provide cushioning. Large and heavy décor pieces should be put in individual boxes as they may damage other valuable pieces.

4. Supplies and Moving Boxes

Ensure you have all moving supplies early enough. Starting early saves you time and keeps you organized for any long distance move. Some of the supplies you need include:

  • Bubble wraps
  • Dolly
  • Foam peanuts
  • Plastic containers/tubs
  • Shipping tape
  • Unprinted newsprint

A Successful Long Distance Move Begins with You

By buying all your supplies from professional moving companies, you are guaranteed to get quality products. Working with a professional moving company can ensure you have a stress-free long distance move. Starting early and working within a timeframe keeps you organized. When you manage your move efficiently, you’ll enjoy decorating your new home more than ever.

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