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Whether you’re moving to a new country or a few hundred miles, you’ll need some excellent tips to survive a long-distance move. From the day you determine that you’re moving to the moment your belongings arrive at the destination, you won’t miss a beat. The most straightforward moves allow you to throw everything in the back of a van and go. However, a long-distance move requires considerable planning to ensure it goes off without a hitch.

The following long-distance moving tips will help ensure you remember every detail to execute a successful move:

Start planning as soon as you decide to move

The second you decide that you want to proceed, develop a plan. You’re going to move everything you own hundreds to thousands of miles away, so you must have a schedule. Whether you’re a go-with-the-flow type, or want each step recorded in a spreadsheet, write down every task that must be accomplished before the move. Since this is a lot to juggle, create an easy-to-read checklist that helps you remain organized before, during, and after the long-distance move.

Remain on track to survive a long-distance move

Once you have a plan, you must remain on schedule. Tasks like school enrollment and utility installation are time-sensitive, so you don’t want to be scrambling at the last minute to complete them. To ensure you don’t forget critical points, schedule chunks of time on your calendar to dedicate to the logistics of the long-distance move.

Request multiple moving estimates

Since you’re relocating a significant distance, you must find the right moving company for the job. Part of this process is researching and requesting prices from at least three companies. The best approach is to schedule estimates at least four weeks before the move, but the earlier, the better. Don’t forget to ensure the pricing is accurate by preparing the requirements for the estimate in advance.

Research and hire a reputable company

After receiving several moving estimates and comparing prices, ensure you hire the most trustworthy company possible. Although affordability is a critical aspect of the move, the least expensive option is not always the best. You don’t want to be involved in a moving scam when attempting to move thousands of miles away.

Update important documents

Changing your address requires updating your personal information across many materials. When you prepare for a long-distance move, the process becomes more complicated because you will likely need to update your automobile registration and driver’s license. Plan and conduct the proper research to ensure all documents are updated with enough time before the move. This is one moving tip that cannot be skipped.

Buy moving insurance

Whether or not you have multiple valuable items, make sure you know what the insurance covers. Sit down with an insurance agent before the move to determine what your homeowners and auto insurance covers for moving. While moving companies offer limited insurance, it’s advisable to purchase a comprehensive plan to cover all your belongings sufficiently.

These tips will ensure that you do not forget anything during the move. Focus on the time-sensitive tasks first to ensure there is no last-minute scrambling later. In no time, you will be all moved into your new home, focusing on your new life!

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