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One of the most common questions moving companies receive seems simple: “Is my move insured?”

However, the answer to that question really depends on the mover you choose to hire. Most movers are either big national franchises or smaller local companies. Both types of movers have potential pitfalls when it comes to finding out if your move is truly insured. Ultimately you have to read the fine print in any contract for yourself, but when it comes to spotting potentially shady characters among moving companies, here are some points to consider.


External contractors: If your national name mover tells you they will be hiring “outside help” to make your move happen, that’s a bad sign. Often it’s just some guys in an un-marked van who are temporary staff. This can have implications for the insurance you buy through the moving company, and is reason enough for you to look elsewhere.

Shuffle: If you keep getting bounced around by a corporate mover and you feel like your questions aren’t being answered or your contact there is being evasive, that’s a solid justification to look elsewhere. Also, corporate movers should be well-versed in your rights; if they decide not to tell you about them, that’s a huge red flag.


Upfront: Asking for money up front happens with both types of movers, but more independent shops request it. If you have a firm moving date, your credit card number should be enough to hold your deposit. However, if the movers demand an amount that seems arbitrary, and especially if they demand cash, that’s a warning sign.

Unseen: Another thing some movers do is guesstimate. They ask you some questions and give you a quote over the phone or online. The problem with this is no one has been to your home or seen your things. When the crew shows up on moving day to find a fuller than expected house, or an unaccounted for garage space, that’s justification for the mover to claim “added costs” and “unforeseen expenses”. Nobody wants to deal with people who are trying to nickel and dime them, and the only way to avoid that is an in person estimate.

The bottom line is with both corporate movers and smaller independent firms, there is a chance of fraud. Though not all movers are bad, it only takes one negative experience to cast a shadow over the whole industry. Having your possessions insured during your move is a good idea. Your things, your memories, your keepsakes, those irreplaceable items – they hold immense value. So why wouldn’t you want to have these things insured?

If you want to talk to a good mover available in Northwest Arkansas you should consult Winter Moving & Storage. Winter Moving & Storage will give you an honest “estimate” online or over the phone. More importantly, before anything is set down in writing they will send a team to view your property in person and make sure their quote is accurate. They will also take the time to inform you of your rights and make sure that you have access to all the resources you need at every step of your move.

Moving is stressful, that’s why most people do it infrequently. But when you have a partner who is thorough, honest, and cares for your possessions as if they were their own, you have found a mover to trust. Winter Moving has built a reputation you can rely on for your next move in northwest Arkansas, call them for a consultation today.

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