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Whether you are relocating your home or your business, moving internationally takes exceptional planning, logistics, and execution to ensure timelines are met and your belongings arrive in the same shape they left. To ensure this occurs, it is important to select the best international movers to facilitate your relocation. While there are numerous international movers available, they vary based on service level, so it is important to understand what to look for, ranging from available services to reputation.

Available Services

The first service to look at is the staff. You want a team of professionally-trained, courteous, and careful personnel who focus on the customer and treat your belongings as they were their own. The expert movers should be trained in proper international wrapping and loading methods to protect all your items. Second, you want to ensure high-quality, whether it is a short domestic move or a long-haul international relocation. Third, your international mover must be transparent with all charges, fees, packing, and materials so you know exactly what to expect when the bill becomes available.

Customs Expertise

When hiring an international moving company, ensure they are familiar with customs regulations and formalities within your destination country. Reputable movers will present the anticipated custom duties and port fees in addition to the required documentation for effortless customs clearance. However, remember that there will be situations where you may need to speak with a local customs agent who will be managing the clearance of your belongings. It is important to check with your local consulate or embassy for additional details.


One important part of your international mover review is their reputation. The Better Business Bureau and online review sites are excellent resources to learn more about real-world customers’ experiences with a specific mover. These online tools can help you make an informed decision that will have a positive impact on your move. Also, if you know of another individual who has made a similar move, ask them for a reference.

Specific Experience

Many moving companies will claim they can arrange an international move but unless they have experience in this type of relocation, you are taking a risk. Ensure the moving company you are considering has experience with managing and performing a global move.

Starting Early

Given the complication of a global move due to the logistics and paperwork, it is best to start with your desired mover as early as possible. Making the arrangements is a lengthy process so it is important to start planning and having discussions with the moving company immediately. Do not make the mistake of assuming you can wait until only a few weeks before moving day to select moving experts.

Moving to another country could be one of the biggest and most impactful changes you will ever make. Therefore, you want to ensure that the transition is seamless throughout the entire process. Winter Moving & Storage will eliminate a large amount of anxiety during the moving progression, but only if you select the right company!

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