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International Moving Services with Winter Moving and Storage

Moving is a daunting task for your home or business. You have to make sure things don’t break or get lost, and you have to move fast and conveniently. So let us, Winter Moving & Storage, take care of all your moving requirements.

We are headquartered in Northwest Arkansas, and we offer our services locally, across states, and internationally. We are an award-winning moving agency with experience helping homeowners and businesses since 1979 when we were established.

Residential moving

We have served residents in Northwest Arkansas for over 40 years! In partnership with Atlas Van Lines Inc. We have a fleet of well-trained employees who cater to your individual customer needs with professionalism and courtesy for small move tasks such as shifting from one neighborhood to another in your locality.

Our prices for residential moving are affordable. We make an accurate estimate for you based on distance and the bulk of stuff you have with you right before the moving day. To determine an estimate, fill and submit an online form with us. We make sure to inform you of all the moving details for a swift operation.

Commercial moving

Relocating a business could cause major interruptions in your operations and put a hold on your revenue stream. When dealing with expensive equipment, you must be extra careful because any damage could set you back. Winter Moving & Storage has been of great help in many commercial relocations. We ensure a smooth and uneventful transition.

We will safely move your sturdy furniture, delicate office equipment, files and paperwork, and anything else in your space. We offer the fastest and safe moving services so that you can settle in your new address and embark on your business promptly.

We have offered moving services for various commercial outfits such as corporate offices, hospitals, medical clinics, hotels, and libraries.

International moving services

The real test in moving is international not just because of the vast distances but also because of the many logistical and legal considerations that have to be made. Fortunately, this is where we thrive as a moving company.

We have helped move hundreds of residential and commercial clients to destinations in Europe, Asia, and South America in the past couple of years.

We pride ourselves on great customer service and safe transportation. We first provide you with a bottom-line cost for international moving that includes all packing and material we will use. We ensure that your goods are properly warped, packed, and loaded to minimize any damage, and in case of any accidental breakage or loss during transit, we bear all responsibility.

How do we determine if moving is local, interstate, or international?

We use a 50-mile radius calibration with Arkansas as the center of operations. Local moving covers anywhere within Arkansas at a 50-mile radius. Long-distance moving is from anywhere outside Arkansas at an about 50-mile radius of Bentonville. If you are unsure of your classification between these two, contact us anytime to find out.

Storage services

Moving goes hand in hand with storage most of the time. Equipment has to be put in store at certain locations as we wait for transportation. Therefore, we also provide storage services to take care of that demand too.

We offer customized storage to accommodate your storage needs. For instance, you may require to store new furniture or extra equipment as you get your new home or office space ready for occupation. We take care of your stuff for as many days as necessary at affordable rates. While in storage;

  • Your items are carefully wrapped to keep off moisture and dust
  • Top-level security is provided to guard your items against theft
  • Storage spaces are climate controlled to protect against adverse weather effects
  • Valuation is offered acting as a reference for cover for accidental damages
  • We offer full-service loading, unloading, and delivery to your destination of choice

For commercial storage, we provide over 50,000 sq. ft. of space in our warehouse, which safely stores constriction equipment and material, Artwork, electronics, medical supplies, and freight.

Packing Services

Moving or storage cannot be effective without proper packing. Winter Moving & Storage has won the Superior Packing Award multiple times. We pack and unpack fast with the best material that is damage-proof.

All packing is included in the quotes of the moving services. Always inquire about the rates before moving. Check here to get an estimate.

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