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Let’s Get You Prepared

You will want to have a folder to keep all of your moving paperwork. Lease copies, contracts for movers, and insurance information if you’re shipping anything major like a vehicle should all be quickly and easily accessible to save yourself the headache. This folder may be handy in the future!

Moving with kids? How to prep kids for a big move.

Transitioning to a new home with kiddos can be hard, so the earlier you start preparing your children, the easier it will be. Experts recommend that instead of solely focusing on what will be different about the children’s new place, explain what’s staying the same. Get them excited about their new room, but remind them that their favorite stuffed animals and toys will be coming with them. If you live close to your new home, take them on visits to parks and other local spots you’ll be visiting so they have time to adjust.

If you’re making a big move, and potentially leaving behind some people that your children depend on (a favorite babysitter, grandma and grandpa, their teachers, etc.) start preparing them as soon as possible. Nothing will make losing access to those people totally painless for them, but planning facetime dates, writing letters, and marking visits on calendars with your little ones can help them start to understand that it isn’t goodbye forever—just see you later for now! Make moving into an adventure, not a chore, and try to maintain excitement when packing up their things.

Not Using Movers to Pack? When Should You Start packing?

Create your packing lists, start a central location for important info and paperwork, and start getting familiar with your new area. Will you have to look for a new doctor or schools? Figure out what paperwork you’ll need to do and get as much of it done ahead of time as possible. Start decluttering your space. Get rid of things that won’t be going with you, and finalize any moving plans you need to shore up. Sign contracts with movers or get a group text going with your friends and family who will be helping up to get key dates and times on the record. Having everyone on the same page will help when the big day rolls around.

Storage Options for a Move?

If you need storage space, rent it! The movers at Winter Moving & Storage offer climate controlled storage units!

How do I pack my house to move?

You just have to get started! These moving tips from the professional moving team at Winter Moving can help you get going and feel better about the process as a whole.

  • Slip garbage bags over already hung clothing and add a rubber band around the hangers’ necks to keep your clothes in order so you can easily hang them back up in your new place. Wardrobe boxes are also super handy if you have the budget!
  • Take the time to learn how to pack dishes and breakables properly —you won’t regret it!
  • Last boxes in, first boxes out. Keep that in mind as you line up boxes to be transferred into the truck.
  • Keep boxes under 50 pounds if possible when packing.
  • Tape off anything that can spill—toiletries, cleaning supplies, spices. Save yourself the headache of cleaning shampoo off everything you own.
  • Get a mattress bag from your local home improvement store to protect it while moving, trucks are dirty and dusty—you don’t want to bring that home with you!


Turn to Winter Moving & Storage for more moving and packing tips! We also offer free estimates so please reach out to our professional movers today.

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